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Polish Honey Vodka, LLC
Founded in: 2002
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Medos, is a honey vodka produced in Poland and imported to the US exclusively by Polish Honey Vodka, LLC (hereinafter “PHV”). Medos is unique liquor based on its special flavor, area of origin and distinctive bottle. The typical reaction to Medos is surprise based on its light, sweet, herbal taste. Medos is now being introduced in the state of Montana and discussions are underway to begin distribution in several other states. The market reaction and acceptance has exceeded expectations. Medos is best targeted to the younger buyer. In the taste tests, drinkers enjoyed Medos either neet, or mixed, often preferring it as a shot. Medos unique flavor is complimentary with a variety of speciality liquors or combined with lemonade, 7-Up, or Red Bull. Medos unique flavor distinguishes it from many me-too flavored vodkas. Medos should enjoy the greatest success targeting active young adults and the social occasions.
Products:Spirits: Vodka
Product Origins:Poland
Main Brands: MEDOS Honey Vodka
Seeking: Distribtution