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BAWLS Acquisition
Founded in: 2010
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We are BAWLS GUARANA, the highly caffeinated energy soda. We have enjoyed more than 14 years of continued growth and plan to maintain this path as a winner in the extremely crowded and competitive energy market. We attribute our continued success to creative and innovative product development combined with the adoption of very non-traditional marketing tactics. With our launch in 1996, we were one of the very first brands to enter the Industry and have become a model for success and survival in this market. BAWLS GUARANA products constantly stand out in a sea of competitors with our eye-catching packaging, premium taste and of course the most unforgettable of names. Our innovative packing ideas have won numerous design awards and BAWLS drinks have received high taste ratings from their peers; a rarity in the energy drink arena. Our flavors consist of the Original BAWLS Guarana light Crème Soda flavor, our Sugar Free is citrusy, our Root Beer is exact and our Cherry is effervescent.
Products:Spirits: BAWLS Guarana, BAWLS Guarana Cherry, BAWLS Guarana EXXtra Sugar Fre, BAWLS Guarana Root Beer
Product Origins:United States
Main Brands: BAWLS Guarana, BAWLS Guarana Cherry, BAWLS Guarana EXXTra Sugar Fre, BAWLS Guarana Root Beer
via DSD Channels to Retail, Mass Merchant, C-Store and independants
Seeking: DSD / Distribution Partners