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Degustibus s.a.s.

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We are a company working in the field of bottling and wholesale trade of esteemed wines produced in North Piedmont Region, such as Gattinara D.O.C.G. (Classic and Riserva), Nebbiolo D.O.C., Bramaterra D.O.C., Ghemme D.O.C.G., Fara D.O.C., Vespolina D.O.C., Erbaluce di Caluso D.O.C. and other wines produced in this area. Our goal is promoting at national and international level the different varieties of the wines which are produced in the mentioned area, someone through our brand "Cantina Delsignore" and others through the brand of the producers. The wines we offer have been selected directly by us on the basis of quality standards and available quantities. Our suppliers are excellent producers, whom we have a direct contact with.
Products:Wine: Gattinara D.O.C.G. (Classic and Riserva) - Nebbiolo D.O.C. - Bramaterra D.O.C. - Ghemme D.O.C.G. - Fara D.O.C. - Vespolina D.O.C. - Erbaluce di Caluso D.O.C. - and other wines produced in North Piedmont Region.
Product Origins:Italy: Piedmont
Main Brands: Cantina Delsignore