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Founded in: 2012
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We are producers of Premium Tequilas in the Highlands of Jalisco Mexico. Our leader brand is Tequila AHA YETO 100% made of blue agave. It is an artisan bottle with a unique shape, and metallic labels and stopper. AHA YETO is currently selling in many countries and it has been very well accepted. We have won awards in Sweden, Germany, and Russia among others. We are Seeking for distributors in Europe, Asia and Australia. Please Visit our web sites at www.ahatoro.com www.tequilahayeto.com so you can find out more about us and our products. If you need more info please contact us. Kind Regards Maria S. Lopez Garibay AHA YETO & AHA TORO Tequilas Zapopan Jalisco Mexico C.P 45110 +5233 1202 9051 +5233 3165 2931 +5213 33676 3726 www.tequilaahayeto.com www.ahatoro.com marialopez@ahatoro.com
Products:Spirits: Tequila
Product Origins:Mexico
Main Brands: Tequila AHA TORO Añejo 100%, Tequila AHA TORO Blanco 100%, Tequila AHA TORO Diva, Tequila AHA TORO Reposasdo, Tequilas made 100% blue agave
We are Distributing in USA, Russia, Japan, Germany, Canada England, Costa Rica, Italy, Mexico etc. As AHA TORO is an Ultra Premium Tequila our Distributors focus on Liquor stores, restaurants, bars etc.
Seeking: We are looking for an Importer and Distributor to work with in a long term business relationship for introducing AHA TORO into new markets.
Targeting: Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Korea, Republic of