Since its launch in April, award winning WOKKA SAKi has been hot on the menus and lips of patrons, top nightspots, and restaurants. Close to 2,000 venues within 4 weeks have snatched up the brand, making it one hot commodity.

Steve Power, President Southern Wine & Spirits Florida,
distributor of WOKKA SAKi stated "We have great distribution of the brand in the right accounts, the brand has great potential and there is strong consumer and trade interest"

Ben Pundole, Bar Manager of The Shore Club,
South Beach says of WOKKA SAKi, "The perfect fusion between sake and a spirit. Versatile, interesting, and thoroughly enjoyable"

Roy Kelin, Manager of The Delano Hotel South Beach
commented "WOKKA SAKi is very unique in that it is elegant, urbane, and stylish all at one time … just like our guests".



WOKKA’S GOIN’ ON? …. WOKKA SAKi listed in 960 venues in Florida within 4 weeks. (

WOKKA SAKi breezes into the Windy City

WOKK' n ROLL: WOKKA SAKi rolls out across South Beach, Florida.

WOKKA SAKi appoints Raul G. Godoy as Vice President Sales Latin America, The Caribbean, & Mexico.

WOKKA SAKi wins international spirits competition

WOKKA SAKi sign US distribution agreement


What is WOKKA SAKi?
  WOKKA SAKi is a blend of micro distilled grain vodka (80%), fine Japanese sake (20%), and a subtle essence of Asian fruit. East meets west, saké meets vodka, WOKKA SAKi represents the fusion of two noble cultures, inspired by the awesome beauty of “Snow Monsters” found around Japan's Asahi mountains between January and March.

Award Winning:
  WOKKA SAKi has excelled at the San Francisco International Spirits competition for three consecutive years, having been awarded Double Gold in 2003, Gold in 2004, and now Double Gold in 2005. This represents an unrivalled run of results in this prestigious competition. In addition WOKKA SAKi has been rated 96/100 in a taste test by Paul Pacult (a.k.a. 'The Spirits Guru USA'), his highest categorical rating.

What makes WOKKA SAKi so special?
  It's all in the blend.... a rare process of three step micro distillation in a single 400 litre stainless steel pot still known as “Tom Thumb”, ensures the grain vodka in WOKKA SAKi is exceptionally smooth. Fine imported Japanese saké is then carefully blended with the vodka and a subtle fusion of Asian fruit is added that harnesses the character of WOKKA SAKi and gives it its distinctive flavor. This labour intensive process of single batch distillation and manual blending is reserved for only the finest and most expensive spirits.

Inspired by 'Snow Monsters':
  Each year between January and March, powerful winds from the Siberian plains whip the surface of the Sea of Japan, becoming heavy with freezing vapor before hitting the Japanese coast and rising high over the Asahi mountains. Standing in their path, giant conifers on the slopes of Mount Zao become coated with layer upon layer of snow and ice, until eventually their shapes are obscured and distorted. These petrified giants seem to stalk the valleys and are known as 'snow monsters' or 'Juhyo'. Their awesome beauty is celebrated at Mount Zao's annual Snow Monster festival.



WOKKA SAKi is personified by the creation of the Snow Monsters:

The Western wind (represented by vodka), the eastern environment (saké) and the beautiful and unique outcome (WOKKA SAKi)


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