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  • This product was developed as a collector's item not available for sale in the 60's. It was produced as an exclusive rum meant to be used as a gift from the Cuban President (and other high officials from the Government) to special personalities. As said, it was a product never for sale, and was and will remain as a very limited edition.
    Last year the Government decided to authorize the sale of this product. Because of its history, special recipe and the limited production, it will remain as a very special premium
    - The product exists since the 60's
    - The producer is Cubaron (Havana club producer)
    - It is produced in the Rum Factory of Santiago de Cuba
    - It is indeed a special recipe which can be classified as a 20Y plus; however the bottle does not make an age declaration.

    The price will be 999 euro per case (4 bottles and wooded caskets per case) and its a 750 ml bottle

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  • Bogart's Gin

    Bogart's Real English Gin is now available for international distribution!

    Bogart's Gin is small-batch, pot-still premium English gin infused with coriander, macadamia nuts and citrus zests at 45% ABV.

    Produced in association with the Humphrey Bogart Estate.

    "Never trust a man who doesn't drink"

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  • Beaujolais Villages Nouveau

    Beaujolais Villages Nouveau 2014, Directly from the french producer.
    A tasty and fruity wine, the Beaujolais Villages Nouveau is made combining traditional wine process and modern technical methods.
    Handpicked in ancestral tradition.
    The colour and aromas remind us of red fruits (blackcurrants and berries) and is enjoyed by all as soon as they have tasted it.
    It is a light wine and is easy to drink. It can be served with the starter, the meat dish or with a wide variety of dishes. It will wake up the flavours of autumn food.
    Can be kept for several months.

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  • St. Julian Wine is expanding distribution of our award winning Gunga Din Cider. Proudly produced at our facility from Michigan grown apples. Gunga Din is a true "craft" cider available in 22oz bottles and 16oz cans.

    The cider category is showing tremendous growth and St. Julian's Gunga Din Cider will be a terrific addition to your cider portfolio.

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  • Aiko provides cost-saving back-office solutions for domestic and imported alcoholic beverage brands:

    Product development:
    Developing liquid formula
    Packaging design and development
    Label design
    Trademark registration

    Regulatory Compliance Management:
    Federal import permitting
    State import licensing
    State brand registrations
    Price postings and filling
    TTB pre-COLA formula approvals
    TTB COLA label approvals
    Monthly state compliance reporting


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  • We are seeking a Distributor or Wholesaler who would be interested in Fine Moldovan wine.
    The Republic of Moldova is a small country favorably located in southeastern Europe. It is bordered by Romania to the west and Ukraine to the north, east, and south. Lying near the Black Sea. Moldova is highly dependent on wine and it is considered the backbone of the agricultural sector.This wine is from central and southern Moldova. It has an amazing balance of flavors do to the fact that it is grown in pristine conditions. It is an exquisite wine, produced from the premium grapes with a classical European taste.
    This wine is aged in the second most largest underground cellar in the world and was bottled in 2012. It is now in the United States, ready to distribute.

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  • Temperature Controlled Storage/Delivery Service Serving Chicagoland

    Chilled Solutions is now open! Chilled Solutions is a full service temperature controlled warehouse and delivery service that currently delivers daily to Chicagoland. We will take care of all your logistics - receiving, shipping, deliveries, cross docking, reporting, etc.

    Affiliated with Fond du Lac Cold Storage - Edison, NJ and Osborn & Son Trucking - Fond du Lac, WI.

    "Chill out...We can take care of that!"

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  • 1st ever molecularly stractured and instantly aged vodka!

    Ms. Cameo™ Vodka made from corn and wheat grain and nanostractured by the proprietary patented technology. This nanostructured alcohol molecularly bonded with our super pure revitalized water.
    1 Classic and 10 Napa Wine Flavors!!!!

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  • KORTA KATARINA Wines from Croatia Seeking Distributors

    Award Winning wines from CROATIA.
    Seeking U.S. and International Distribution.

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  • Looking for distributors for hotselling products

    Mayerwine.com is your expert for high-quality wines and spirits (from all over the world) packed in very special gift-sets for events, christmas or different occasions. Our assortment is full of gift-items which match perfectly for your customers. These items are hot selling. In our homemarket we work together with the biggest supermarket-chains and all Cash'n'Carry companies.
    We are looking for distributers and importers in the USA, Canada, Western Europe, Japan and Asia. Please contact us for our prices or to see our portfolio.

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