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  • Our wines are grown in the premium wine-growing areas of the Western United States, including Oregon, Washington and California. With temperate summers, warm days and cool nights, these regions have ideal climate and soil to grow premium grapes and produce the finest wines in America.

    We ship to most ports of entry. Contact JF Hillebrand USA Logistics for a quote on shipping to your port of entry and can source any type of wine (red, white, rose`, sparkling,) and most brands.

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    ROK Stars, the consumer goods and environmental technologies development company founded by John Paul DeJoria and Jonathan Kendrick, has announced its ROK Drinks division has signed a multi-year exclusive agreement with leading Swedish beverages distributor, Galatea, for the distribution of Uisce Beatha Real Irish Whiskey across Sweden.

    Uisce Beatha (pronounced ish-ka ba-ha) is ancient Gaelic for water of life. First distilled by Irish monks more than 1,000 years ago, Uisce became Anglicised as whiskey.

    Founded in 1995, Galatea is a privately-owned premier beverages importer covering Sweden and, through partners, the entire Scandinavian market. With a wide assortment of well-known volume brands and exclusive niche products imported from across the globe, Galatea achieved sales of 105 million Euros in 2013.

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  • Close-out Sale of Premium Dutch Vodka, 750ml, 40 alcoholic volume. $7.50 a bottle.
    No taxes due, clear title from creditor, currently sitting in bonded warehouse in US

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  • 3 Liter Boxed Wines from Italy available at a discount price of $4 per box or $16 per case ( 4 per case). Average retail price is $19.95 per box. Available is 600 cases of Piazza Cabernet Sauvignon and 300 cases of Piazza Pinot Grigio. The Brand name is Piazza Wines from Italy. The warehouse is located in Norristown , Pa. Contact information is Vintners Choice 610-350-7699 or cheslerron@gmail.com

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  • We are able to supply most beers, whiskies and energy drinks at very competitive prices. Below are some of our current offers:
    Heineken 24 x 25cl bottles, lager, €9.70 EXW Belgium
    Heineken 24 x 33cl bottles, lager, €11.75 EXW Belgium
    Becks, 24 x 33cl bottles, €9.20, DAP Netherlands
    J&B, 70cl bottle, €6.50, EXW Netherlands

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  • We are one of Australia's largest bulk wine producers that work with you to fill buyers own brands.

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  • We are plastic packaging manufacturer in Bangkok, Thailand

    We undertake production of various plastic packaging for the clients who want to get a high-standard plastic packaging.

    Our company has been known as one of the leaders in the plastic packaging in Thailand over decades.

    We are specialised in manufacturing innovative packaging products including consumer goods, cosmetics, beverages and pharmaceutical products. With the finest machinery and professionals, we can guarantee that our products are made in high quality and fulfilled our customers needs.

    *Manufacturable products;
    -Materials : PP, PE, HDPE, LDPE, PET, etc.
    -Packaging figures : Bottle, Caps, Jar, Tube, etc.
    -Size range : We provide any size clients need.
    -Range of customization : Any clients' requests will be discussed and work on it together.
    -Production capability : unlimited.

    Please feel free to contact us for further details.
    Email: c.praphapyuenyong@gmail.com

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  • Prestige Imports LLC has partnered with Wildlife Forever in the design, production and marketing of Rod & Rifle Bourbon and Rod & Rifle American Blended Whiskey. These two great products help Conserve America's Hunting & Fishing Heritage with every bottle purchased by contributions to Wildlife Forever from Prestige Imports LLC.

    We provide many value added items like, commemorative shot glass, contribution to states conservation fund and Bucks & Ducks cash. These products doing extremely well in 15 American States with high retail and distributor margins.

    Please visit www.rodandriflebourbon.com for additional information.

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  • Seeking Distributors in several U.S States

    Rose Importing is looking for Distributors for its Italian and Spanish lines of wine.

    We are looking for someone in the following states :
    California, Kentucky, Colorado, Nevada, Ohio, Iowa, Massachusetts, Connecticut, West Virginia, Florida, Oregon, Washington, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas, Minnesota and Georgia.

    If you are interested, please contact us for a price list and portfolio.

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  • Specialist in fine wines from Bordeaux since 1979, Divinord is committed to providing you the very best Bordeaux wines at market competitive prices.

    Please send us an email to receive our offers.


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