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  • MYTHIC seeking US Distributors

    In the Southern Hemisphere lies a Viticultural Eden bathed by an ancient ridge, where pristine glacial waters filter down through nutrient rich earth. This unspoiled paradise is the chosen land for growing vines. It is here where our wines are born. 300 days of sun, deep roots, and alluvial soil create the most ideal of conditions for these MYTHIC

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  • Scotch Producers looking for distributors

    Scottish producers of the finest Scotch looking for distributors to partner us in bringing our product range to your market.
    Our product ranges starts at premium bespoke blended and finishes at 25 yr old single cask single malt, options for private label. All regions of Scotch Whisky covered. We also produce Alcoholic Mixed drinks - whisky cock

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    Thanks to its NEW EXCLUSIVE CONCEPT of patented ornamental caps and drop-stoppers, Royance Goodies draws a new way for promotion around wine. Associated with the wolrd the art of the table and the friendly times around a glass of wine, Royance Goodies offer your brand, corporate events an

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  • Nuvo is a well-established brand in the U.S. and Latin America.
    We are seeking importers in the following markets:

    All Latin American countries EXCEPT Bolivia, Chile and Peru
    Asia EXCEPT Malaysia.

    Please be an established spirits importer with a portfolio of established
    brands and a salesforce.


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  • 100'000+ cases brand looking for global partnerships/import/distribution

    The best-selling blended Scotch that is yet to be represented on your market. Whisky No.5 in Russia, 100'000+ cases brand.

    We also offer entry-level Scotch, private labels, bulk Scotch - ask for details.

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  • Bavarian Beer seeks EXCLUSIVE Distribution in China

    Award-winning range of German beers direct from our brewery now available for distribution in China.

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  • Looking for New Wine

    Seeking : Wine
    Wholesale Distributor covering Southern California.
    We are looking to add new wines to our portfolio. Suggested retail between $7.00 to $20.00 per bottle. Please submit offers via IBN.

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  • Blended from the very best distilleries in Scotland
    Racers Reserve ;Colour: Rich amber
    Nose: Lemon curd and orange peel _ quite zesty, plums,
    melted butter, fudge tablet, dark chocolate, stewed fruit,
    herbal note _ peppermint, old mahogany, worn leather,
    distant smokiness
    Palate: Orange marmalade, Sanguinello orange, choco

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  • German Beer, Irish Whiskey and English Gin

    ROK Drinks seeks distributors for its award-winning portfolio of premium quality German Beer, Irish Whiskey and English Gin.

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  • The wine can only be sold in China

    This is our best offer for a container of EXCELLENT California Red wine. 8 Layers. We have 30,000 cases available of this wonderful wine. All grapes are from CA. It is called 8 Layers which is a great name for Asia, knowing that the Number 8 is a lucky number. We can offer this wine to you at $42.00 per case of 12 bottles, ready to go, out of Sa

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