The Unmistakable Liqueur with the Fresh Aroma of Tiramisù !
 Crafted in Italy 
With all natural ingredients
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An Italian Story of Love, Taste and Fun !
TiSù is the name given to our liqueur brand, which has enchanted the public thanks to its unique and captivating flavour characterized by a fresh aroma of tiramisù.

TiSù has an alcohol content of 28% alc by Vol. It is made with all natural ingredients and totally gluten and lactose free.

TiSù, thanks to the rich and enveloping flavor, the selected raw materials, and its distinctive image, represents the right and brand-new alternative for sweet liqueurs lovers, as well as being linked to a strong Italian culinary tradition.

TiSù is more than just a liqueur, it's a way of enjoying life and an invitation to toast.
Pairing and Mixology
TiSù Serve neat or on the rocks as an aperitif or digestive.
Destined to become Mixologist's trendy martini creation "TiSù-tini"
- Perfect in cocktails and long drinks
- Simply magical in hot or cold coffee drinks.
- Blends with coffee in a cup "Caffe TiSù"
- Excellent paired with pastries, desserts, and ice cream.
Distribution Opportunities Available
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