Kalashnikov Vodka continues a Russian tradition, through the Kalashnikov family, that dates back to the fourteenth century and is crafted from the finest grain and natural water, as it was in the General Kalashnikov's home village in Kutya, high in the Altai Mountains in Siberia where to toast in vodka is the essence of friendship.


Kalashnikov Vodka is produced in St Petersburg and uses Russian grain and live water from Lake Ladoga north of St Petersburg. In Russia live water is the term given to water that still has the beneficial micro organism in it, as per spring bottled water, compared to industry distilled water which is called dead water in Russia.

"Clear. Faint wheat dough, talc, and lemon cheese tart aromas follow through on a smooth supple entry to a dryish, glycerous light-to-medium body with hints of mossy wet stone and plastic wrap. Finishes a peppery, citrus peel and mineral dust tinged fade. A sturdy, gung-ho vodka for brash martinis and vodka tonics".

Kalashnikov Vodka is classified as 'Lux' Export Vodka

Russia has 3 categories of vodka:
• Spirit Essence
• Standard
• Lux

Lux is classified as the top standard.

Vodka has existed in Russia in honor of General Kalashnikov, but until recently never been exported

Kalashnikov Vodka strength is 41 abv, one degree stronger than standard vodka; this was devised to stop fake or poor standard vodka being passed on to the troops. The extra strength was never disclosed (until recently) so any fake vodka would be made at standard 40 abv and the quality control officers just has to test the alcoholic strength to determine if it was genuine military vodka, at 41 abv, or fake at 40 abv or below. This strength has now commonly become known as 'Military Strength'.


Kalashnikov Vodka was designed and named after Lieutenant-General Mikhail Timoveeich Kalashnikov who is, at the age of 84, still a serving officer and the Head Designer of the Izhmash Engineering Plant in Izshevsk in Siberia and is the founder and the Honorary Chairman of The Kalashnikov Joint Stock Vodka Co (1947) that makes Kalashnikov Vodka.

General Kalashnikov was a Tank Commander in WWII, known in Russia as The Great Patriotic War, and who fought number of battles against the Nazi occupation until wounded which is when he turned his energy to designing.

General Mikhail T Kalashnikov is also the designer of the gun known as the AK47 for which he was made Hero of the Socialist Cause and awarded the Order of Lenin and The Gold Star of the Hammer & Sickle.

AK47 stands for Automatic gun of Kalashnikov 1947. The Red Army adopted it in 1947.

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