Ginebra, Spicy Gin and Mezcal
Artisanal Crafted in Jalisco and Oaxaca, Mexico
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Bernardo Gonzales
Bernardo Gonzalez
Founder & Master Distiller
Our story started in 2013, the combination of Grupo Tribal’s knowledge combined the artisan Mezcals techniques from our Master Distillers Jose Diaz de Miahuatlan and Cipriano Hernandez (Oaxaca). Their blends translate into the magnificent recipes that make Casta Tribal Mezcal so unique.

In 2018, continuing our development of artisan spirits with extraordinary flavors, we decided to produce Perro Desterrado Gins with quality Mexican ingredients.

Finally, we wanted to be more in touch with our production so we opened our own distillery in Tlaquepaque Jalisco in 2019. Our Master Distiller, Bernardo Gonzalez where verifies the quality for the whole production process for our Perro Desterrado Gin, we started producing our new Spicy Gin.
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London Dry Gin Bottle
Perro Desterrado
London Dry Gin
Ginebra Mexicana
Produced in Tlaquepaque Jalisco, Mexico from a highly purified grain spirits macerated and distilled in a copper stills.
Based on the original gin recipe and adding Mexican ancestral botanicals;
Cempasuchil Flower, Holy Herb, Avocado leaves, among others, which gives Perro Desterrado its unique taste.
Perro Desterrado (Exiled Dog) is the Gin made by the hands and heart of Mexico, for the world’s consumption.

750 ML – 43 degrees abv
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Spicy Gin Bottle
Perro Desterrado
Spicy Gin
Produced in Tlaquepaque Jalisco, Mexico from a highly purified grain spirits macerated and distilled in a copper stills.
Among its 14 botanicals, in addition to Juniper, there is the Colima lemon, Avocado Leaf, Cardamom and a very important one, the Yahualica red hot peppers.
This product is excellent for cocktails, whether it is a Spicy Margarita or a Spicy Negroni cocktail.
Its profile is created in the flavors of Mexico, adding a spicy touch for mixologists who like to experiment with new flavor sensations.

750 ML – 43 degrees abv
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Ensamble 103 Bottle
Ensamble 103
46 degrees ABV
Cultivated from 8 years + Agave Espadín, 12 years wild agave Tobala and 12 years wild agave Madrecuishe.

This Mezcal’s aroma also delineates some fragrant herbal & vegetal nuance such as grapefruit, orange peel, pineapple, thyme & jicama.
The balanced flavors of each agave appear at every sip and evolve on the palette.
Ensamble 103 Medal
Ensamble 103 Ornament
Ensamble 302 Bottle
Ensamble 302
42 degrees ABV
Cultivated from 8 years + Agave Espadín and 18 years wild agave Tepeztate.

A delicate aromas of cooked agave with fruit nuances such as apple, pineapple and grapefruit. You can also find herbal flashes of thyme, rosemary and raw agave.
A sweet taste, with lingering citrus, herbal and mineral, silky and long-lasting personality, with some smoky notes.
Ensamble 302 Medal
Ensamble 302 Ornament
Ensamble 203 Bottle
Ensamble 203
40 degrees ABV
Cultivated from 8 years + Agave Espadín and 12 years wild Agave Cuishe.

A very open aromatic bouquet with marked agave scent and well defined herbal notes.
Closing with slightly floral notes like bougainvillea and subtle smoky and mineral tones.
The first sensation on the palate is of freshness, balanced in its sweetness and bitter, leaving in the mouth its citric, mineral and smoky personality
Ensamble 203 Medal
Ensamble 203 Ornament
Miahuatlan Bottle
Miahuatlan Espadin
40 degrees ABV
Cultivated from 8 years + Agave Espadín.

The aromas are intense like leather, ripe fruit, a delicate tone of pear, light tone of smoked cooked agave. It confirms its olfactory promise by leaving flavors of smoked meat, cardamom, and banana. Delicate shades of nutmeg and alfalfa.
Of great permanence and slightly bitter end.
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