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Tequila AMAN showcases the depth, complexity and elegance of a Tequila that can be made with Nayarit agaves. On the outside, the bottles highlight the contemporary artistry of Mexico and exude the right amount of revelry.

We are inspired by the ancient philosophy of our native Nayarit Huichol tribes to create dynamic and unique pieces of art who believe that the universal language is spoken not in words, but in art and symbolism. On the inside, the award winning liquid is phenomenally well balanced with a unique texture and character.

Our bottles are in the form of contemporary art. They are symbolic of the magic that can be created from blue agave crops.
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AMAN Tequila
Cristalino Bottle
Tequila AMAN Anejo Cristalino is aged in American oak and French oak barrels for 14 months; discoloration is by means of activated carbon directly to the tequila and plate filtration. Free of additives, filtration is performed for discoloration and a second one again with plates for brilliance. Transparency, brightness, and a great personality; dressed in silver with an upright bearing that highlights The Contemporary Artistry of Mexico.

Tasting notes: The liquid possesses suppleness and grace of melted white chocolate. With no heat on the palate, the gliding buttercream sensation is dashed with tobacco and fresh agave.

AMAN Anejo Cristalino is the only chrome gradient metalized Tequila bottle on the market, which reveals the precious liquid and glass insert on the wide side of the bottle.
AMAN Tequila
Anejo - El Profesor
Anejo Bottle
Aman Anejo Tequila is made with very ripe selected agaves, aged a minimum of 12 months in French Oak and American Oak barrels. This spirit commemorates our founder’s 15 years of educational public service. It is a symbol of his classroom values: tenacity, perseverance, ambition, determination, hope, kindness, and love.

The only Rose Gold gradient metalized tequila bottle on the market.

Tasting notes: Light sweetness with a strong presence of agave, brown sugar, vanilla and butterscotch.
Anejo Medals
AMAN Tequila
Reposado, Blanco and Rosa Blanco
Reposado Blanco Rosa Bottles
Reposado - A medium robust, aged tequila that develops in oak barrels for months on end, our Premium tequila reposado gently invites us to experience the taste of gold. Inhale the light notes of basil and mint, while tasting the abundant but light sweetness of fruits like apple and peach, it will leave you wanting more and more.
Blanco - This robust medium body Premium tequila Blanco brings fresh crispness to the palate delivers aromas of herbs like rosemary, basil, and offers notes of sweetness from fresh fruits finishing with light sweet summer vanilla and roasted agave from Ixtlan Del Rio. This classic tequila brings fresh taste to a rich and deep historic teq
Rosa Blanco - This floral tequila transports you to summer while notes of hibiscus and rose dance on your tongue. Experience the softer side of tequila without sacrificing the warmth of its power.
The Aman Tequila bottles are a contemporary take on Mexican heritage, visually aligned with a premium feel and spirit they contain.

The bottles visual quality and decor can provide an elegant addition to any interior.
Aman Tequila Awards:
93 points Tasting Panel Magazine,
97 Points Los Angeles Times Invitational Best of Class.
94 points Tasting Panel Magazine,
97 Points Los Angeles Times Invitational Best of Class.
Double Gold Design San Francisco Spirits Competition,
94 Points Tasting Panel Magazine,
91 Points London Spirits Competition Gold Medal,
Australia International Spirits Competition Tequila Anejo of the Year Gold Medal,
Gold Medal The Spirits Business Luxury Masters, Silver Medal
Concours d’ Elegance and Award of Excellence.
94 points Tasting Panel Magazine.
Our Master Distiller
Master Distiller
Meet Hector Davalos, AMAN Tequila’s master distiller. Hector belongs to a tequila-loving family who’s proud of the Mexican traditions and cultures. His father, a Chemical Engineer, was hired by Jorge Nunez for Tequila El Viejito in 1969, where he worked for 25 years. He helped this brand become the second tequila export in the world and later partnered with Maestro Alcaraz, Master Distiller for Patron Tequila for 15 years.
Hector’s father continues to advise companies in construction and equipment consulting, yeast, and tequila profiles.
Aman Tequila
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