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  • The Best London Dry Gin Produced Outside UK is KA?benhavn Klassisk Gin

    The best London Dry Gin produced outside UK is KA¸benhavn Klassisk Gin!
    It’s with great pride that we can announce that yet another Gin in the Nordic Gin House family wins an prestige international award.
    This time the tasting panel chose KA¸benhavn Klassisk Gin as the regional winner in the London Dry Gin category!
    The Global Gin Guide awards 2018 winners announced:
    "Gins from across the world came together in this celebration of the products and people within the gin industry. The level of quality and diversity in The Global Gin Guide Awards 2018 exceeded all the judges' already high expectations."

    Read more about the award winning Nordic Gin House family here: www.nordicginhouse.dk

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  • Seeking International Wine Buyers and Label Designers

    Cloof Wine Estate in South Africa is a globally recognized wine producer renowned for producing top quality and internationally acclaimed wines at affordable prices.
    We are currently seeking wine importers / buyers from around the world.

    We are also seeking an internationally experienced creative design house to develop one of our label brands in line with global market trends.

    Please get in contact with us today!

    Kind Regards

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  • Premium Cream Liqueurs Seeking European Distributors

    Tokaj Spirit, one of the most significant spirit suppliers of Hungary, aims to expand its distribution to the surrounding European countries with a premium cream liqueur sortiment including:

    1. PUMPKIN FLAVOURED CREAM LIQUEUR for the Halloween season;
    3. LOVE POTION chocolate-strawberry flavoured cream liqueur for Valentines' Day;
    4. EASTER EGG CREAM LIQUEUR for Easter 2019.

    All are 500 ml with alc. 15%vol.
    Label available in English or can be requested in your own language!
    Packaging: 12 bottles / tray, 600 bottles / EUR pallet

    They are unique, innovative and creative beverages with no real competitive products, as a result, they generate additional selling instead of cutting the sale of other products. They can immediately become a popular offer thanks to their attractive design, favourable price and excellent taste.

    If interested email to wendlertibor@tokajspirit.hu.
    Note that PRIVATE LABEL standard cream liqueurs are also available!

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  • WE are a US Army Veteran Owned Business. WE produce a product that gives back to the PTSD Foundation of America, with every bottle sold. Launching in MAR 2016 we have done over 850 cases sold, in several states. We received an 89/Silver in WSWA, and we also have been selected as the Exclusive Wine Sponsor for the Barbasol Championship that brought the PGA back to KY in July opposite the British Open.
    Our Lodi Winery can Produce over 500K cs per year so our logistics is in place. Our wines retail for $12.99 SRP and approx $78/cs. Finally we are not just "Another Winery". Our President has been in the business since 2003 and his family since 1980. 9 Iron Wines A Veteran Owned Winery.
    Have a Glass that Makes a Difference. Lets make this tag line a national Brand and we need distributor partners to make that happen. Help us Save a Life.

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  • Agricole Martinican rum seeking distributors worldwide

    Heritiers Madkaud is a high quality agricole AOC Martinican rum (French West Indies) with a story that is quite UNIQUE. Founded in 1895 by a slaves' descendant, this family brandname has always been distilled and bottled exclusively in Martinique.

    There is no blending...no sugar added…just the pure spirit, made out of pure sugar cane juice.

    Now the multiple award winner is looking for partners for worldwide distribution.

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  • Distilling with Nordic Distinction Seeks Distribution Partners

    Nordic Gin House is a Nordic collaboration between the best small, local distilleries and the most renowned sommeliers, master distillers and mixologists.

    Different backgrounds. Different countries. Same ambition: To bring out the best of the Nordic distillery tradition. With respect for gin heritage, each gin from the Nordic Gin House brings its unique distinction with local spices and a sense of national taste.

    Already now, our 4 super premium Nordic gins will be available in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Baltic via selected local distributors. Distributors and partners for distribution in others countries will be approached in the coming month.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us for any information needed to evaluate the business we offer

    Please see: www.nordicginhouse.dk or https://www.facebook.com/NordicGinHouse/

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  • Lithuanian Craft Beer

    Brewery Rinkuskiai is the only family held brewery in Birzai region, known as the beer capital of Lithuania. The history of the brewery began many generations ago.
    Since 1991 the brewery has modernized the facilities, expanded the assortment and production. Rinkuskiai is the largest local capital brewery in Lithuania and one of the five largest breweries in Lithuania, the only one of five run by the local brewery family.
    The owners of the brewery reveal that brewery is not merely a business, but a mission to preserve beer brewing traditions of Birzai region, the beer capital of Lithuania.

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  • USA Custom Bottler and Bulk Spirits Seeking New Clients

    We are a USA Private Label Spirits producer in S. Indiana. We are seeking new custom bottled clients for 2018-2019 to receive remarkable pricing for bottling and distilled spirits.

    We have a USA $1,000,000 Federal Excise Tax Credit for 2018-2019 from the new "Craft Beverage Modernization Act, we want to share with you. We can help drastically reduce your cost of bulk spirits.

    We are home of the largest bulk supplier in the world within 60 miles of our DSP and just miles from the world capital of Bourbon in Kentucky. Our resources, suppliers, state and federal tax credits provide the best pricing in the world. We offer bulk or bottled goods. We provide custom bottling, Private Labeling & established brands. If you are seeking exclusive brand development, we can help.

    If you are not receiving a FET Credit from your bulk spirit supplier or bottler, we need to talk. Time is running out on this enormous savings. We can even transfer your spirits in bond and bottle it.

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  • Seeking New Markets for Beer Brewed in Vietnam

    We are able to supply your market with excellent quality, competitively priced beer brewed in Vietnam, in both cans or bottles.
    3 varieties available, most popular is our Lager 4.3% alcohol
    Please contacts us for more details.

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  • Seeking International Partnerships

    We are a Distillery in Austria that produces 7 different Gins but also Rum, Whisky, Vodka and other Spirits.
    Our founders are super creative and love to try something new.
    After our market entry in Austria and Germany, we would like to grow internationally and are therefore we are looking for Partners worldwide that are interested in a fair and long-term oriented partnership.

    We offer all our existing products, most of them are internationally awarded (CWA, CWSA, San Francisco) with spirit of the year, double Gold and Gold. We introduce at least 2 new products each year.

    Additionally we offer to create your own recipe in case you want to start your own brand.

    If you are interested, please feel free to contact me. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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