WindshakeR Ridge Imports, LLC is the exclusive importer/wholesaler for WindshakeR Ridge's unique full varietal Western Australian wines in the United States and Canada. All wines have received national recognition and ratings - Shiraz, Chardonnay, Verdelho and Carnelian.

WindshakeR Ridge Imports LLC is also the main distributor for both the Pennsylvania LCB and the Ontario, Canada LCBO. We maintain a full inventory of all wines, which are stored in a 50,000 square foot temperature controlled warehouse in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.

The WindshakeR Ridge vineyards are located near the town of Gingin in Western Australia. Windshaker is inspired by the swirling winds that sweep the hilly olive groves and vineyards.

Situated on "Koorian", the Moltoni family property, WindshakeR is part of a prime rural landholding of 5000 acres, situated approximately 105 kilometres north, north east of Perth and 9 kilometres north of the early settlement of Gingin. Its history dates back to the early pioneering days of the mid 1800's and original land issued to the first settlers.

The WindshakeR vineyard is only 15 miles from the sea, as the crow flies. It looks down on the flat sandy coastal plain from the red ridges that characterize and create the magic and emotive feel of "Koorian", the place where WINDSHAKER is grown and shaped by this unique Australian micro climate.

Here the land is managed by the organically minded Moltoni farming family. They have brought innovative and entrepreneurial concepts to producing premium grapes and olives.


A special wine with an unusual name…

Vintage: 2004
Regional Appellation: Swan District
Grape Variety: Carnelian 100%
Oak Maturation: 100% Stainless steel vinification
Alcohol: 14%
Release Date: November 2005
Cellaring Potential: Drink now or cellar for 2-4 Years

Grown in the sandy loam on the mid levels of the valley, this fruit was picked from low cropping vines, these developed intense rich fruit and fine grain tannins.

Once crushed the must was subjected to Cold Maceration for 5 days at 14 degrees. The juice was then allowed to warm to 25 degrees for a further six days, which generated spice characteristics. The juice was then left to finish alcoholic and malolactic fermentation.

Color:Deep bruised purple plum
Nose:Aniseed licorice with red cherry and plums
Palate: Black cherries with soft warming tannins
Recommended Cuisine:Antipasto, Risotto, Poultry, Game meats


Vintage - 2005
Regional Appellation: Swan District
Grape Variety: Verdelho 100%
Oak Maturation: None
Alcohol: 14%
Release Date: September 2005
Cellaring Potential: Drink now but should hold over quite nicely for a few years and develop some interesting complexity

The Verdelho vines have been planted on lean gravelly soil in a harsh environment hacked out of the native Australian bush. The result of this spartan base has been low yielding vines producing intense tropical passionfruit and rich Honey Suckle characteristics.

Picked in the cool of the early morning and processed immediately to retain all the fresh fruit characteristics. This wine was fermented cool with natural yeast to allow the natural fruit flavours to break through.

Colour: Pale Gold, with green edges
Nose: Tropical Passionfruit with citrus overtones
Palate: Intense fruit flavours, predominantly passionfruit and a zesty citrus finish

Regional Appellation: Swan District
Grape Variety: Shiraz 100%
Oak Maturation: None, vinified in stainless steel tanks
Alcohol: 14%
Release Date: November 2004
Cellaring Potential: 2 Years
Grown in the red loam of the high country of the valley, the fruit was picked from low cropping vines that developed intense colour and varietal flavours.

This wine was subjected to a balanced combination of both Cold and Long Skin Maceration. The two components were run-off into stainless steel to finish Alcoholic & Malolactic Fermentation.

Colour: Deep garnet red with purple edges
Nose: Plummy fruit with an earthy complexity
Palate: Wild berry, spice and bramble like flavours
Recommended Cuisine: rib-eye beef, roast duck, rare kangaroo, matured cheddars, blue cheeses and dark chocolate!

Vintage - 2003
Regional Appellation: Western Australia
Grape Variety: Chardonnay 100%
Oak Maturation: Nevers , Vosges and Allier oak treatment pre blending
Alcohol: 14%
Release Date: July 2004
Cellaring Potential: Drink now but would benefit from 2-3 years cellaring
The Chardonnay grapes provided classic characteristics of lush stone fruits which has developed vanillin overtones following partial oak fermentation.

The key feature of the Chardonnay was that it was picked over three different periods, with baume's ranging from 12-14.5 . This has enabled all the various fruit characteristics of the grape to be captured and a more complex palate to be developed.

Colour: Light golden
Nose: Peaches and nectarines with nutty overtones
Palate: Full rich lush summer peaches and nectarines with a combined nutty and citrus taste in a lingering finish
Recommended Cuisine: This is a wine that could complement most foods, and would be just as likely to be consumed on its own.


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