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Prosecco sparkling wine has been a classic since the early 90’s, whether served by itself, as an aperitif,accompaniment for a meal, in clubs, bars or discotheques, over ice or with Aperol (an Italian orange liqueur).

Prosecco is available through all sales channels, whether it be on or off-trade.

Prosecco is a MUST-HAVE in the international beverage industry.



To travel back to their roots in Italy just once – that was something these two Italian Americans had always dreamed of. It was summer when Joe Scavi and Carluccio Ray finally set out to make their dream come true and took off from New York to their fathers’ homeland in the province of Treviso in the Veneto region of Italy. This was the ancestral home of their families before they emigrated to the United States at the beginning of the 20th century...


Perhaps what happened next was simply a characteristic whim of their Italian temperament, or maybe it was the creamy mousse of the glass or two of vino frizzante they nipped that fateful day.

"Neither of us is quite clear about that anymore," says Carluccio with a grin. Whatever the inspiration, the two real estate agents ended up buying an old stone cottage...

They looked around through the gently rolling landscape and sealed the deal with a handshake. "Our wives said we were crazy," Joe recalls, chuckling.

The quaint cottage quickly revealed itself to be a dump, and Joe and Carluccio soon had to give it a complete makeover.

But the two Italian Americans still say the hill that the alpine hut is built on was a stroke of luck...

It is planted with old vines laden with the late-maturing white grapes known as Prosecco.

From these grapes Joe and Carluccio press a wonderfully fresh, delicately aromatic, pétillant Prosecco, SCAVI & RAY - known in Italy today as one of the best brands among literally hundreds of varieties of Prosecco sparkling wines.

MBG International Premium Brands is now importing this superior sparking wine to Germany. At the same time the Paderborn based company has also acquired the global distribution rights for SCAVI & RAY.

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