Joleo is the exclusive exporter of high-quality German beverages from selected vineyards of Germany's most famous wine regions (Mosel-Saar-Ruwer, Rheinhessen, Pfalz). German wines are reputed to be “Europe's individualist” in the world of wines.

Our product range covers these exceptional awarded wines for connoisseur as well as special edition bottles. We offer red, white and rosé wine in all taste variations of typical German grapes. We can also create customized wines.

German wines perfectly fit to any kind of meal. We have selected quality wines for the different kinds of food. The deluxe bottles with pictorial labels compliment any occasion.

Joleo focuses on the distribution of German wines, but has contacts to vineyards all over Europe. When very special wines are discovered, our wine experts add it to our product range.

A family-owned Toscanian vineyard produces this exceptional San Giovese wine in the "Leonardo da Vinci - edition": a full-bodied red wine with harmonious fruit notes, which makes you smile like "Mona Lisa"...
Wine Growing Regions:
Rheinhessen lies in a valley of rolling hills, bordered on the west by the Nahe River and on the north and east by the Rhine. This 20 by 30 mile area between the wine-growing communities of Worms, Alzey, Mainz and Bingen is the largest of the German winegrowing regions and its production is second only to that of the Pfalz. Due to the varying soil types and microclimates, many grape varieties are planted, including the three traditional white varieties - Müller-Thurgau, Silvaner, Riesling - as well as new crossings. The Portugieser grape is the most important red variety, and the area around Ingelheim is known for its noble fullbodied Spätburgunder (Pinot noir) wine.
Undoubtless, the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer region is Germany's most famous wine growing region. From just south of the ancient Roman city of Trier, north to Koblenz, where it empties into the Rhine, the Mosel River snakes its way past dramatically steep, slaty slopes covered with some of Germany's most famous vineyards. The wines of the Mosel and its tributaries, the Saar and the Ruwer, are richly fragrant, pale in colour, lightbodied with a lively, fruity acidity. 6.400 wine growers grow 88 million vines on 10.400 ha.

Bordered by Rheinhessen on the north and France on the south and west, the Pfalz 's vineyards sweep across this pretty, peaceful land for nearly 50 uninterrupted miles and produce more wine than any other region in Germany. The northern half of this region is home to some of the best vineyard sites.

Pleasant, mild wines rich in bouquet and full of body from Müller-Thurgau, Kerner, Silvaner and Morio-Muskat grapes are also grown in the clay and marl soils of this district. Chalk, clay and loess soils yield mild, fresh, often intense wines in the southern half of the Pfalz. In addition to its white wine, the Pfalz is also known for smooth, fruity red wine made primarily from the Portugieser grape.

Vinothek & Cellar

Guests and customers are always welcome to visit our wine shop to make their individual choice from our assortment. An amusing and interesting evening can be spent in our old wine cellars at a wine tasting with our cellar master.

Joleo top-class brandies and liqueurs are sold only in Germany's best restaurants and delicatessen stores. Pure distillates without additives or sugar thrill by their variety of flavours and natural mildness. All these typical Bavarian distillates are stored in oak barrels for several months. Available as fruit brandy, gentina liqueur, herb liqueur, beer brandy and Williams pear brandy.

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