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Cognac DOBBÉ A Family History:
Cognac Dobbé house produces oldest and rare Cognac exclusively from the family Reserve transmitted from eight generations.

The company is the owner of a vineyard in the Petite Champagne Cognac area, a distillery and a large stock of prestigious Cognac. The house of DOBBÉ manages every stages of the cognac production process, from working the vines to marketing.

The Cognac DOBBÉ range includes seven exceptional cognacs, distilled and aged in oak barrels on the family estate.
The passport to a full-flavored world

Cognac DOBBÉ VS (Very Special), the first cognac in the range, will appeal to those who love pure flavors which arouse the senses. Its rich, golden hues reveal a well-developed character containing both floral and fruity notes. Its wonderful aroma of vanilla oak, hazelnuts and dried figs is accompanied by the fragrance of tea. You will be amazed by its warm, intense finish. This young, fresh cognac can be enjoyed as an aperitif or as a long drink.

San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2014
USA - Silver Medal

A delicious pleasure

Cognac DOBBÉ VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale) is aged in oak barrels and has developed intense, floral notes (violet and rose), as well as delicious hints of apricot jam and vanilla. Its golden yellow color contains amber hues. This wonderful harmony reveals a delicate, well-balanced cognac which generates a feeling of warmth lasting for several minutes.
Thanks to its smooth, long-lasting finish, this delicious cognac can be enjoyed as an aperitif, neat or on the rocks, or in a cocktail.

China Wine and Spirits Awards 2015
CHINA - Double Gold Medal

Cognac DOBBÉ 10 year-old Petite Champagne Cognac AOC
The choice of connoisseurs

Cognac DOBBÉ 10 year-old Petite Champagne Cognac AOC Connoisseurs will enjoy DOBBÉ Cognac 10-year old, produced exclusively in Petite Champagne. Recognisable by its golden amber colour, this "Brut de Fut" cognac is well balanced, with fine nuances of leather and dried fruits (walnuts and hazelnuts). This full-bodied, well-rounded cognac has spicy tones, which are followed by subtle hints of flowers and black fruits. This elegant cognac is exceptionally long and well-rounded on the palate. It can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks and is distinguished by a higher than average alcohol content (43%). You can find it at the finest liquor stores.

Cognac DOBBÉ XO Extra
A wealth of flavors
Cognac DOBBÉ XO Extra (Extra Old) has rich, velvety flavors and notes of jasmine and candied orange, harmoniously blended with a subtle hint of toasted brioche. With its brilliant mahogany color, it produces true pleasure and a wealth of aromas from carefully-selected cognacs. It is well balanced and its elegant finish can remain on the palate for up to 15 minutes. This smooth, velvety cognac is a wonderful accompaniment to chocolate desserts (or tarte tatin) and can also be enjoyed more traditionally at the end of a meal.

International Wine & Spirit Competition 2013
London - Bronze Medal
Cognac DOBBÉ XO Grand Century
The taste of excellence
Cognac DOBBÉ XO Grand Century strives for excellence. Its amber color with its leather tones will delight those who love rare, exceptional cognacs. Its strong, fruity nose is accompanied by a rich, floral bouquet. Its wonderful smoothness is supported by intensely rich flavors of candied fruits, honey, almonds and a hint of grilled pistachio.
This intense, indulgent Extra Old cognac is a perfect blend of subtle wooded notes and delicate vanilla, which provides an unforgettable balance of tastes. Let all the flavors of this exceptional cognac come to the fore in a tasting glass, before you taste it neat.

China Wine and Spirits Awards 2015
CHINA - Gold Medal
International Wine & Spirits Competition 2017 - Bronze Medal
Cognac DOBBÉ Millésime Collection
Vintage 1967
Limited Edition

Cognac DOBBÉ launches a unique and limited edition of only 200 bottles.

Each bottle is numbered, unique and hand bottled in the family estate. The Cognac DOBBÉ Petite Champagne 1967 is recognisable by a deep color with amber highlights. The nose is powerful and characterized by the floral notes of Petite Champagne with sensual hints of vanilla. It's the perfect match of woody notes, leather, candied fruit and subtle delicateness touch of fresh wine flowers/floral bouquets. This Cognac Petite Champagne 1967, generates the unique smooth pleasure of an exceptionally long finish. The 200 bottles of 1967 in Limited edition are non-chill filtered : The absence of cold filtering combined with a mild dilution makes it possible to obtain dense Cognac, more complex with matter and a great aromatic richness. Packaging: in a unique French wooden Limousin oak gift box, handmade in traditional technics in Cognac area.

Cognac DOBBÉ
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