Part of the internationally acclaimed, award winning luxury collection of premium spirits.

Quality Statement:

Our collection, made from stocks of superb quality aged Irish whiskey, is produced using a special Extended Double Distillation process. This process slows the distillation down extending the time taken and thereby producing a cleaner, more enriched and purer distillate.

Smoother Because We Distil It Longer:

The resultant richer distillate, is matured in single-use white oak ‘Bourbon’ casks. This is partly why The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey Collection is a multi-award winning whiskey and the only super-premium Irish whiskey collection.
The Wild Geese multi-award winning Irish Whiskey Collection is produced exclusively for Avalon Group Inc. from
a single distillery, the last independent Irish owned distillery in Ireland.
  Classic Blend ABV 40%, 70 CL

Nose: Berries, fresh oak and a hint of spice.

Taste & Finish: Light, sweet, fruity taste; balanced and smooth. The grain comes through gently and it ends with a tingle of honey and citrus fruit.

The finish is clean.


Nose: Citrus fruits and floral notes, honeysuckle with a peppery overtone.

Taste & Finish: Balanced and smooth, it has a rich malt taste with suggestions of citrus fruits and oak. There is a subtle hint of honey on the higher notes.

The finish is long, sustained and loyal to the taste.


Nose: The nose is clean, smooth and sophisticated. There are hints of oak interwoven with a slight mustiness. On the higher notes, ripe, summer berries.

Taste & Finish: A finely balanced whiskey, smooth with an excellent body. peppery. spicy. Malty oak and a complex sweetness. A hint of vanilla and
a lingering earthiness.

The finish is long on the palate and very satisfying.

"Best Irish Malt Whiskey (no age)" World Whiskies Awards 2011


Nose: The nose is full, malty and sweet with a hint of citrus; and on the higher notes spice, with a touch of cardamon.

Taste & Finish: Smooth, sweet to start, balanced, spice and an oatmeal maltiness. Hints of marzipan and a subtle and satisfying overtone of chocolate.
A lingering and satisfying finish,full with a taste of oak.

Rich and luxurious - truly a delightful, masterfully blended whiskey.


Ireland was torn by injustice and natural disaster. The soldiers and refugees who were forced to set sail on ships for other lands became known as The Wild Geese.

Through oppression and famine they created a beautiful dream. Freedom for everyone. The impact ‘The Wild Geese’ had over the centuries in Europe, the Americas and the world is legendary.

Today that vision and fire lives on...With more than 80 million people of Irish descent in the world.

Wherever you may be in the world, if you are of Irish descent, you are entitled to call yourself Wild Geese.


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