The taste of Torito Bravo evokes a journey across Spanish landscapes where you will discover the warmth of the Iberian sun, the coastal breeze, the genius of Picasso, magical starry nights, the passion of Flamenco song and dance, the bravery of Spain's bulls, the strains of its guitars and the joyousness of its people, together with the perfect combination of an excellent wine and the delicacies of Mediterranean cuisine.


Grenache, Syrah and Merlot

Torito Bravo Red evokes a series of primary aromas reminiscent of red fruits such as redcurrants and raspberry and wild flowers. Your mouth will confirm such olfactory sensations with light tannin and highly controlled acidity. There are also floral notes and red fruits that serve to complete the freshness of the wine.


Grenache and Syrah

Torito Bravo Rosé transports us to a garden of rose petals with its pleasant, intense aroma, followed by evocative notes of red fruit such as strawberry and exotic hints of lychee.

It has a lingering farewell with floral notes and exotic fruits, inviting us to enjoy this delicious wine on more than one occasion.



Torito Bravo Chardonnay expresses the characteristics of this particular grape variety at its best. Predominant are the notes of tropical fruits such as pineapple and banana, and also a slight hint of apple.

What we have previously perceived as aromas suddenly bursts into flavour on our palate with the intensity of tropical fruits, leaving us with a refreshing appley taste.


Macabeo, Xarelo and Parellada

Torito Bravo Cava’s aroma is fresh and clear with fruity notes such as apple. Also noteworthy are its brioche-like aromas as a result of over 18 months of ageing in the bottle.

Such a characteristic bouquet is synonymous with well-made Cava and is a guarantee of satisfaction




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