San Lorenzo in Scanno is located in the hills of Cesena, near the beautiful town of Longiano, in the production area of Sangiovese di Romagna are particularly adequate for the production of high quality wine and olive oil. The activity was initiated by Otello Burioli in the 70's, who started to produce wine with low-yields per hectare.
Today the company is directed by Giovanni Burioli , who together with his family has created an accurate program intended to obtain high quality wine, thanks to the careful handling of all production phases, attention to vineyard operations, grape harvest, wine-making and the wine-aging.
The wines are a product of a very extensive work group, which has tried on one hand to recuperate traditional methods of making wine and on the other hand, the experience and at the same time renovating productivity techniques to exalt natures values.


Sangiovese di Romagna Doc 12,5 % Vol.) Red Wine:
81 Points LUCA MARONI 2006
GamberoRosso Almanacco del Bere Bene 2005

Sangiovese is the typical classic red wine of Romagna.
Our vintage Sangiovese is distinguishing for its marked personality and its unusual high structure.

It is ruby-coloured with violaceous verges, has the typical perfumes that reminds the violet flower and underbrush.

The dry taste with long persistence, warm and tannic at the right level, makes it a suitable wine to combine it with first dishes, with general meat, game meat, grilled meat and cheeses.

To be tasted when young at an ideal temperature around 16/18° C.


( Sangiovese di Romagna Doc Superiore 14% Vol.) Red Wine:
83 Points LUCA MARONI 2006
Gambero Rosso Almanacco del Bere Bene 2005

It is made from the best selection of grapes and is a sophisticated wine, strong structure and firm freshness of perfumes.

It is ruby-colored with garnet reflexes and is limpid and transparent with an intense perfume of violet.

With the warm, harmonic and tannic taste, it can be perfectly combined with first dishes, or with red meat, served at the temperature of 18-20° C



( Sangiovese di Romagna Doc Superiore 14% Vol.) RED Wine:
87 Points I VINI DI VERONELLI 2006
80 Points LUCA MARONI 2006

Our best performance with Sangiovese; It is produce with more selection of grapes than OTELLO, and passed in French allier for 7 months.A very interesting wine.

It can be served with meat and strong cheese. Sebastiano Fausto of Longiano was an Italian translator of classical and later authors, who published various works between the 1530s and the 1560s, and also worked with Francesco Petrarca.


Chardonnay Rubicone
( Albana Secca - Chardonnay 13,5% Vol.)
White Wine:

Our new white wine has very powerful perfume like banana and apricot, it also has a great intense yellow and an enunciated minerality. Very interesting wine that we produced for the first year in 2005 vintage.

It has to be served at the temperature of 8-10° C




( Trebbiano di Romagna Doc 13% Vol.)
White Wine:

Thanks to specific technology based on delicate tread, soft press and fermentation at low temperature, in order to exalt the peculiar characteristics of the grapes;

This wine comes with a crystal yellow straw-like in colour, which recalls an intense perfume of acacia and yellow apple.
Its taste is dry and harmonious, cool, with low acidity.

It is well combined with appetizer, with fish dishes, with typical soups of Romagna.
Excellent also as aperitif.

To be served at the temperature of 8-10° C.


( Vino bianco da tavola frizzante 12% Vol.)
Sparkling White wine:

Very nice white wine, made mainly with Trebbiano grapes and a little part of Chardonnay. It's lightly sparkling in order to exalt great perfume.




( Albana di Romagna Docg 12 % Vol.)
Sweet White Wine:
Almanacco del Bere Bene -Gambero Rosso " 2006

It is a typical product from this Italian region "Romagna", achieved with the partial fermentation of the sweetest grapes.

It is still a reference point nowadays for all the sweet wines, to serve with dessert.

The colour is gold yellow with light green reflections; it has a delicate perfume of fruits with tiny taste of raisin, honey and fruits.
It is ideal together with tarts, fruit desserts and dry pastry.

To be served at a temperature of 8-10° C.


( Albana di Romagna Docg 14% Vol.)

This type of Albana is made from over ripe grapes, left to rest on wood trellis for about 45 days and then fermented for 18 months in barrels made of French Durmast,it is then bottled in containers of 50 cl.

His color is gold yellow with a smell of fruits, in particular a smell of apricot and his taste reminds the honey and fruits.

It is served in the classic calyx narrowing towards the top, at the temperature of 10-12° C.

It can be combined with dry pastry, fresh and aged cheese.


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