A family estate of four generations, Calvados Roger Groult produces fine old calvados in the Normandie region of France. Calvados Roger Groult is one of the rare independent family domains that still produce high-quality calvados Pays d'Auge.



  Calvados Roger Groult has maintained the same traditional methods of production for four generations. The family manages each process of the value chain (apple fruit selection, cider fermentation, double distillation, spirit store-housing and ageing, calvados bottling, and selling).

The apples are selected from the family's own orchards and those in the immediate vicinity in order to conserve the vintage region.

Our calvados is double distilled over traditional wood fire from fermented apple cider in traditional copper stills and aged in oak casks for several years.


We offer a high-quality range of fine old calvados
including the following products:


Fresh, powerful, fine, and round in mouth. Bright colour with copper nuances. Young calvados, with a slightly woody flavour and pronounced apple aroma, would be an ideal match for cook dishes, long drinks and cocktails.


Generous golden colour. Elegant and flavoursome with great intensity. Calvados appreciated for its lasting smooth flavour and very volatile bouquet. Balanced with a good persistence, it's a nice compromise between the fresh fruity aromas and the concentration of old spirit.


Blends of more than 15 year-old calvados of Pays d'Auge. Powerful and lasting in mouth, smooth and subtle. Honest balance between the finesse of the distilled spirit and the delicate taste of apple fruit. Fine and well-rounded calvados will be appreciated by amateurs of old spirits.


Calvados Roger Groult meets the very selective criteria specified by the regulations of the AOC Calvados Pays d'Auge (extensive quality control).

The appellation of AOC calvados Pays d'Auge requires double distillation, which is carried out in traditional alembic pot-still. This gives to the calvados even more complex, delicate and rich fruity aromas with potential for longer aging. The "savoir-faire" is all about finding a fine balance between the distilled spirit carefully aging in oak wood and the distinctive taste of the apple fruit.

Younger calvados matures every year in different young oak barrels so that the spirit retains its original and strong apple aromas. Older calvados will age in older oak barrels where all the maturation process goes on and strengthens the product colour's darkening.

Calvados is served as digestive, as well as in aperitif, blended in drinks, between meals or with coffee.

Jean-Pierre GROULT - Owner & CEO


Currently Seeking Distributors

Connoisseurs experience the ultimate expression of Calvados Roger Groult finesse in world-renowned venues in Paris, New York, London, Tokyo, etc. Calvados Roger Groult is present in restaurants, bars, hotels, and wine & spirit shops. We aim today at expanding our distribution market and search for further representation.

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