Plozner history: In 1960's, founder Lisio Plozner, an entrepreneur with a passion for fine wine, was the first to believe in this amazing rocky, unwieldy soil, and pioneered winemaking in the area favouring ingenious technology and natural vineyard management. Three generations have now followed each other, each distinguished by family members that have, all in their own way, left their mark, on the vineyards, on the winery and its organisation, always giving new life to its growth and its image.

The Plozner property's 150 acres under vine are located in the Grave appellation, which takes its name from gravelly alluvial soil in the Friulian foothills in the heart of Friuli. The particular soil, 70% gravel, conducive to naturally small crops and excellent draining; the micro-climate dry, cool, protected by the nearby morainic hills and Alpine range - favors healthy grapes of crisp, refreshing acidity and marvellous aromas.

Today, with 40 years of activities completed, Plozner decided that the moment had come for a "facelift". Believing that this represented a unique opportunity, we worked on many fronts at once, spending the last 4 years on both small and large projects, both in the cellar and in the vineyard.

Plozner is among the first wineries in Italy to adopt a new type of closure. The glass Vino-Lok is an innovative closure that eliminates all of the disadvantages of the traditional cork.
Safe and attractive, Vino-Lok is very practical as well, since it is easy for the consumer to remove and provides a hermetic re-sealing so that the wine's aromas and freshness are preserved, thus making it the ideal closure for consumption by the glass, both in the restaurant and at home. The Vino-Lok closures are utilized on our Superior Line
A limited-quantity production line with its


The discussion over what to do with our tocai vineyard, dating back to far-off 1967, was quite lengthy. These vines represented, in a way, the cornerstone of our venerable winery and Lisio's legacy. Finally, we agreed that preserving our heritage necessitated a massive re-planting (at 6,000 vines/ha, versus the original 1,200). A third of the vines are of our own clone, obtained by massal selection from our very oldest vines, which after so many years among our rocks, are certainly at home here. Of the two other tocai cultivars, one is from the plains, traditional to the Grave area, elegant and aromatic, while the second, more powerful and full-bodied, originates in the hills. All three were deliberately planted in our least fertile soils, which will ensure beautifully crisp, elegant wines.



Pinot Grigio the way it used to be made in the 1970s, allowing it to macerate overnight on the skins. The color changes, assuming a coppery, onion-skin hue, and the "juice" as well: it definitely shows more character than the usual Pinot Grigios. The aromas are more confident and evolved even when the wine is young, and its full body and intriguing, subtle tannins make the ideal partner for fat-rich fish and fried dishes.


A challenge, to create a red wine that would go well with fish.
We started with our youngest Refosco vineyard, whose grapes, naturally, were light in tannin but high in acidity for a red grape, perfect for a light-bodied red wine that would maintain its freshness for some time. Cold maceration and maturation in stainless steel produced an elegant Refosco redolent of fresh fruit and a subtle hint of rose petals. A great alternative to white wines, accompanying fish dishes and particularly fat-rich fish such as eels.



Up until 2004 our Sauvignon Blanc was sourced from vines of the R3 clone, planted in 1981; this was contrary to the practice in our area of utilising only French clones. R3 is a difficult cultivar, giving loose clusters and low yields, but, with time, it proved us right, and its Sauvignon Blanc became our winery standard-bearer. Between 2002 and 2003, in a vineyard of low-nutrient soils that are very distinctive, we planted three clones, at 6,000 vines/hectare, each of which contributes something different to the wine: one green and austere, another marked by fruity fragrances and delicate notes of pear, and the third a local clone with more typically varietal traits. Plus, we kept some Viognier, for greater body and roundness. The result was Quattroperuno (Four-for-one), which seems a distant cousin of our Sauvignon, come back from a warm, far-off country, and loaded with tropical fruit. We recommend it with fruit and with salads made with fish.

PEEECORANERA (The black sheep)

Five lots of Merlot, each showing fullness of palate and aromatic complexity, complement each other in this wine, all sourced from a cru with clayey soils, the most suitable of our plots for red wines.
After comparative experiments carried out in the cellars over the last few years, we decided to subject the five Merlot lots, with equal amounts of each, to cold maceration, as well as to micro-oxygenation at the end of the alcoholic fermentation. That gave excellent results: superior tannins and anthocyanin extraction, as well more intense aromas. A brief stay in barriques added note of complexity and elegance to a Merlot by any measure robust and powerful.


Aware that price and quality are far from insignificant factors in an ever more competitive market, Plozner now offers a new standard line, designed for high-volume food service (catering, banquet service, hotel chains, bulk purchase, airlines and cruise lines…
The respective names, deliberately kept quite simple, conjure up the idea of a blend:


DUO unites Pinot Bianco's elegance
with chardonnay's aromas and complexity; while

TER offers the velvety smoothness of the classic
Bordeaux blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon,
but adds the distinctiveness of the local refosco dal
peduncolo rosso variety.

Appealing, crisp, and very easy to drink, wines of
impressive character, but not overly aromatic, they
can be enjoyed with a wide range of dishes.

The closure, of the best-quality silicone, ensures
optimal preservation and allows the bottled wine to
evolve naturally.


White & Red DOC wines and sparkling wines
Classic mono-varietal DOC wines, from both typical and international grapes, or sparkling blends, with a modern eye-catching packaging. They reflect the spirit of our terroir: pure, fresh, flavorful, with characteristic crispness and immediate appeal, they are also aromatically complex, with decided personality.

White Wines:

Red Wines:



"Should we designate one particular winery, today as the premier estate in the Grave DOC, it undoubtedly would be Plozner, and deservedly so. True, we have grown accustomed to the fine quality levels and consistency of this well known winery in the Spilimbergo plain...".Gambero Rosso's - Guide to Italian

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