In the world of wine, OTHERWINE brand is a creation of the Vinyroussillon company. 

The leaders of this company have evolved over 20 years in the processing, preparation and packaging of wine bottles and bag in box. 

Their goal is to propose a new approach to wine consumption in the world. Vinyroussillon company is  very attached to its age old traditions, while developing a bold and innovative packaging for wine in cans. 
In proposing this new concept in wine packaging, OTHERWINE responds to changes in consumer behavior.



OTHERWINE dares to create a range of wines in cans deliberately "personal" and advocates a single credo:

With 25cl packaging, the OTHERWINE can is ideal for any occasion: alone or with friends, at home or outdoors... 



Ideal... its 25 cl size equals 2 glasses, perfect for any occasion.

Practical... the only wine which revitalizes itself in a few minutes in the freezer before allowing one to enjoy all its flavors.

Reassuring... completely protected from light and oxygen.

Light... packaged in aluminum for picnics, quick meals, excursions and outdoor recreation.

Ecological... composed of 14.3 grams of divisible, compressible and recyclable materials.


Blanc indépendant (Independent White) 
Sauvignon - Chardonnay

A brilliant pale wine that has the elegant freshness of the Sauvignon with a slight hint of minerals. A very aromatic and crisp southern wine. The plumpness of the Chardonnay tempers the vivacity of the Sauvignon.


Rouge narcissique (Narcissistic Red)
Cabernet - Merlot

Dusky red and fresh, it expresses itself with blackcurrant and spices. Flavourful, ample, fruity, with a hint of liquorice. A harmonious wine with silky tannins, a beautiful presence...


Rosé singulier (Singular Rosé)
Syrah - Cinsault

From pink to light salmon colored, a Mediterranean rosé. Explosive, the amylic expression quickly leaves to be replaced by wild strawberries. Gourmet, impulsive, the taste of fruit surrounds the intense freshness.


Sangria - Need (A Festive Aperitif)

Based on red wine, this Sangria is really appreciated for its coolness and conviviality. To drink as an aperitif, with a tapas or to compliment meal.


Additional Formats Available  18.7 cl:

All our wines also come in a 18.7cl cans to meet the standards of alcoholic drinks served on airlines...


For more information about our products, please contact:

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