Goldleaf Wines are made from the finest grapes available in South Eastern Australia. From Coonawarra to Yarra Valley and Hunter Valley.
These Australian wines are easy drinking and are meant for early consumption and not so much for ageing.
Try any of our varietals or blends and you will notice that the wines have special consistency that makes Goldleaf such a pleasant wine experience.
Australia's fine weather conditions are ideal for growing grapes. The soil structure makes it very conducive to grow the many grape varietals. Our wines are available for export to many countries.
Goldleaf's main product line is the Classic Series, which consists of Classic Red and Classic White that are tasty, fruity wines meant for easy drinking at an exceptional price. The wines are currently exported to Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.
Further developments of our grape collections will involve fruit from areas such as Coonawarra, McLarenvale and Riverina wine districts. A full range of McLaren Vale Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon is also available.

It is a combination of three major grapes, Cabernet/Shiraz/Merlot providing a rich, smooth and strong flavored red wine. Smooth Mulberry flavors from the Merlot slowly convert into the stronger Cabernet and Shiraz characteristics.

Merit Award,

2006 Wine & Spirits Asia


It is a delicious blend of Chardonnay and Colombard, which has created a very fruity and crisp "punchy" white wine.

Rich flavors of green apples and passion fruit remain throughout the palate with a very tangy and refreshing finish.


A very smooth and easy drinking Shiraz which does not immediately invoke the strong pepper flavors.

Instead this Shiraz has a small hint of Merlot to smooth out the too powerful pepper taste of the Shiraz.


The Cabernet Sauvignon is made mainly from grapes originating in the Mclaren Vale area and this provides the very rich and strong berry and cherry background, which culminates in, a full flavors and lengthy finish.

Awarded Bronze Medal,

2006 Wine & Spirits Asia Challenge



The flavors almost 'bounces' out of the bottle indicating that very zippy lemon/citrus front on taste that lingers and maintains throughout the palate.

The finish is exciting and full of grapefruit and apple traces.


Typifies a smooth and sultry red wine in an almost lazy relaxed and soft smooth liquid.

Hints of chocolate and licorice are present at the finish.

Just released and taking the world by storm. This coffee cream has a distinct hazelnut and chocolate after taste making it so much smoother and even better.
Our Mission Statement :

Goldleaf Wines was created to service the ever-expanding export market for Fine Australian Wines. Not just to supply the best tasting wines for a particular market, but to ensure that whoever takes on an agency for our wines in a particular country, can be assured of our full back up, proper distribution/agency agreements and no "back-dooring" of wines once an agent has established our brands.

Unfortunately Australian wines are either represented by vineyards with NO experience in export trade or run by conglomerates with NO idea which particular wines suits a specific market.

We believe we can do a better job with hands on experience in BOTH fields and therefore can supply the right quality wines at the best prices to suit your particular needs. If we don't have the wine in our portfolio, we'll get it for you.

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