Glenbrook Vineyard takes its name from the scenic beauty of the California wine country, renowned as one of the world’s premier wine producing regions.

The fruit that goes into Glenbrook Vineyard’s wines is from a few select vineyards, where the combination of soils, climate and growing conditions allow the grapes to develop great varietal character and balance.

Wines beginning with the finest grapes are blended and bottled by skilled winemakers to ensure that you will enjoy Glenbrook Vineyard wines as aperitifs, with meals or anytime.


Glenbrook Vineyard Merlot:


Our vintage Merlot is a beautiful deep ruby red color. This medium-bodied wine carries a cedary vanilla overlay to the ripe currant and plum flavors. The light tannins flow smooth, spicy and supple. This Merlot pairs great with cheeses, pasta, red meat, lamb, and dessert.


Glenbrook Vineyard Chardonnay:


The pale straw color with aromas of fruit and green apples characterize our vintage Chardonnay. This is a lighter-style Chardonnay with fresh, clean fruit flavors and a smooth finish; a great accompaniment to mild cheeses, chicken, veal and seafood.


Glenbrook Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon:


The deep ruby red color with aromas of berries and cedar are the characteristics of this vintage varietal. It is a medium-bodied wine with just a hint of oak that is smooth, fruity and ready to drink. Pairs wonderfully with filet mignon, lamb, heavy pastas, and cheeses.


Glenbrook Vineyard Family Tradition:

We have nurtured the art of winemaking in our family for five generations. The tradition began with my great grandfather who lived in a small hill town in Southern Italy. A beautiful vineyard covered the valley beneath his village and he asked the vineyard owner for permission to pick just enough grapes to make a few gallons of wine for family and friends.

The wine turned out to be delicious, and everyone asked for more. When his “hobby” began to take more time than running his small farm, he began to think about selling his livestock and planting some vineyards of his own.

Fate intervened when several family members decided to leave their little village and immigrate to America. My great grandfather was one of those who made the long journey. He settled in the Santa Clara Valley because he liked the warm climate and the rich, fertile soil. As a hired hand, he saved every penny, and eventually made enough money to buy a few acres of land. His life-long dream came true when he planted vineyards on the land and started to make wine with his own grapes.

From these early days until the present, each generation of our family has been eager to follow in my great grandfathers footsteps. The special care he took with each bottle of wine was his legacy to us.

We’re proud to continue this family tradition.

John F. Cribari, President


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