Cantina La Maranzana and Vino Indiana are proud to introduce Dolce Rosso - 100% Brachetto and Dolce Bianco - 100% Moscato to Distributors around the world.
Italian Wines - From The Rolling Hills of Piemonte
Cantina La Maranzana
Cantina La Maranzana
Cantina La Maranzana and Vino Indiana are proud to introduce Dolce Rosso - 100% Brachetto and Dolce Bianco - 100% Moscato to Distributors around the world.
These wines are produced in Piemonte Italy from the finest Brachetto and Moscato grapes.
Wines are imported and warehoused in the USA or containers can be ordered and shipped direct to distributor anywhere in the world.
Currently these wines are sold in the States of Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky and Florida.
The winery La Maranzana is a cooperative established by few agricultures living in Maranzana in 1960. At the present it has around 250 members, owner of about 450 hectares of vineyards.

Maranzana is situated in the region called Monferrato in South Piedmont, bordering upon the provinces Alessandria and Asti, that belongs to the buffer zone of UNESCO World Heritage "Vineyard Landscape of Langhe-Roero-Monferrato".
Dolce Bianco
Dolce Bianco
Moscato grapes
Dolce Bianco Moscato is made from 100% Moscato grapes grown in the hills of the classic vines area of the famous Piemonte Region of Italy in the district of Maranzana and Cassine, an area that is particularly favorable in terms of height and exposure to sunlight. This wine retains the characteristic fragrance and flavor of Moscato grapes brought to their optimum maturation.

Tasting Notes:
A wine with great character. Its color is golden straw yellow. Its bouquet is fragrant and intense with hints of peach, apricot and orange, typical of white grapes, with intense hints of fresh fruit. On the palate, it is well-rounded, clean, delicate, harmonious and musky, with an appropriate degree of sparkle and attractive hints of sweet pastry.
Dolce Rosso
Dolce Rosso
Brachetto grapes
Dolce Rosso or Sweet Italian Red Wine is 100% Brachetto grapes grown in and around the Asti Region in the province of Piemonte, Italy. This area is particularly favorable in terms of height and sunlight exposure to help create a masterLa Maranzana - piece of fragrance, harmony and color, which is Brachetto.

Tasting Notes:
The wine color is light ruby with reflections of purple. Its bouquet is generous and fragrant, presenting aromas that recall a fully open rose, with hints of mature red fruit. On the palate, it is sweet, smooth and fresh with distinctive, well-balanced aromatic notes of rose and violet.
Maranzana village
The winery's main production is based on Moscato followed by Brachetto and other important wines such as Barbera, Cortese, Dolcetto, Chardonnay, Freisa, Bonarda, Pinot, Cabernet.
Every year during the harvest the winery turns into wine about 40.000 quintals of grapes delivered by the members.
The hilly position of the vineyards, the technical service that supports the agricultures in the vineyards all over the year and modern winery equipment guarantee the quality of the produced wines.
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