Alma de Bohemio (Bohemian Soul Rum) owes its name to the world known character "El Bohemio" (The Bohemian), who created a very particular lifestyle "La vida Bohemia" (The Bohemian Life).

In 1840 Balzac stated: "The Bohemia does not possess anything and lives from what it has. Hope is its religion; faith in itself, its code, charity seems to be its budget"

  Bohemian Soul is proud to be world-class qualified Dominican Rum.
Alma de Bohemio – Ron Añejo – Aged 8 Years:
  Alma de Bohemio – Ron Añejo has an outstanding quality, in which aged stocks are blended for 8 years in white American oak casks. During this period the Rum acquires a very pleasant characteristics for the senses of smell and the palate.

The Rum for selected casks is put to settle in barrels of oaks, until it turns into the exquisite product, capable of satisfying the most demanding palates.


Alma de Bohemio – Ron Añejo Reserva; The unique quality of this twelve years aged reserved rum is based on a strict, slow and careful process, in which our Rum Masters do their best reach the perfect balance of “Bohemian Twelve Years Rum”

The nuances that you will find in the tasting will make you understand the reason why this product, in past times, was called “aquavitae” or water of life




Alma de Bohemio – Ron Grand Reserva; In these past hundred years, experience as a high quality Rum Producer, the Dominican industry is proud to have this fifteen years old reserved Rum.

Because of its extensive period of ageing and the slow settle process, we get, as a result, this one of a-kind Rum. It is a magnificent piece of work produced by our Rum Masters.

Enjoy in this exquisite product the very complex nuances with a spacious wood-like taste of its body.




  Alma de Bohemio – Ron Miel – Honeyed Rum; The excellent quality of the Dominican Republic honeybee made honey, has made a perfect harmony with our eight year matured Rum. Creating this exquisite liquor made of honeyed Rum, the pride of the Bohemian Soul Rum family.

Enjoy its captivating essence, gentle softness and fancy continuance on your palate, attributes that distinguished and perfect balance of this product.




  Alma de Bohemio (Bohemian Soul Rum) is of the light rums kind. Its making process starts with the selection of molasses that contains the right quantity of sugars to ferment. It's important to highlight the role that the yeast plays, which is responsible of the fermentation process in the main mother vats. After obtaining the wine from cane molasses, this is then submitted to the distillation process that consists of two stages:1st) The distillation column separates the alcohol from the wine.2nd) The rectifying column removes superior alcohols, esters, and other similar components that shouldn't be in the final product.  

  The ethyl alcohol is distilled to 95% ABV and diluted with purified water to reach 67% ABV by alcohol volume, right for its ageing. Such ageing process is done in white American oak barrels, which have a semi-deep tanned colour in its interior. During the maturation period, the barrels give the rum the tannins that turn raw alcohol into a kind matured rum with a very pleasant, light and smooth flavor.

After being aged, our rum is prepared with different natural fruits flavours and spices to define its personality in each variety. Finally, it's diluted to reach a 37.5% ABV to be passed through filters and then bottled and packaged.

Bohemian Soul Rum, with its music within !
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