"Tequila Galindo" is a HIGH END PREMIUM 100% Agave product in its versions, SILVER, AGED AND EXTRA AGED, elaborated with the centennial heritage and tradition of a family of Tequila ancestry such as the Galindo-Franco family.

  Casa Galindo's mission it to elaborate our Tequilas with the greater standards of quality sustained by the ancestry, heritage and centennial tradition of Galindo family, in the sowing of Blue Tequilana Weber Agave, as well as in the production of fine tequilas, always taking care even of the smallest details and committing ourselves towards our customers, to maintain always the same quality in the products and service that we offer

In 1855 at "Rancho San Antonio", in Tepatitlán, in the Altos (Highlands) of Jalisco; was born Don Justo Galindo, founder of the Galindo-Franco dynasty.

In 1915 along with is uncle Don Cirilo Franco, he established the first distillery registered at the Altos (Highlands) region, specifically in Hacienda "Garabatos" embedded in Atotonilco el Alto, Jal. There are still vestiges of said Hacienda.

This event made Galindo-Franco family focus on the sowing and care of Blue Tequilana Weber Agave who has being doing it for the last five generations (1885 to date).


100% Blue Agave Tequilana Weber Agave

Of brilliant and crystalline gold color, obtained from the white oak casks, reflection of its purity and ripeness "Tequila Galindo Reposado (Aged)" is zealously cared for in the casks for at least six months.


100% Blue Tequilana Weber Agave

Of clear and crystalline appearance "Tequila Galindo Silver" reflects the purity of its origin. With a delicate aroma and fruity taste as a result of the richness of the Agave with which it is elaborated.


100% Blue Agave Tequilana Weber

Slowly aged in white oak casks and cared for in all details for twelve months. "Tequila Galindo Añejo (Aged)" offers to connoisseurs' characteristics of color, aroma body and character, which are reflected in its exquisite and special taste and bouquet, which extols the senses while tasting great tequila, consciously aged.


For the elaboration of its products; "Tequila Galindo" uses only BLUE TEQUILANA WEBER AGAVE, harvested in its exact ripeness in properties of GALINDO family; who has estates in different places at the Altos (Highlands) region in Jalisco State, within the zone of denomination of origin Tequila.

Process, ageing and bottling are certified by Consejo Regulador del Tequila [CRT] (Tequila Regulating Council), in addition to internal quality control at the factory in processes, raw material and packing and crating.


The shoots used for sowing are carefully selected and planted in the distillery's own lands, which have been previously prepared for sowing using the most updated techniques in the preparation of the land to obtain the best yield from the plantation.


The agave used for the elaboration of "Galindo Tequila" is exclusively "Blue Tequilana Weber Agave" in state of extreme ripeness, which provides "Tequila Galindo" its very peculiar characteristic regarding taste and bouquet of the product.



The agaves selected to elaborate "Tequila Galindo" are cooked in modern autoclaves, zealously watching pressure, temperature and cooking time in order to give the agave its exact cooking point, to obtain the sugars which will be the base for the manufacture of "Tequila Galindo" .


Cooked agave is then passed on to the rolling mills where the juices that will be the base of fermentation of the musts that will become "Tequila Galindo", are obtained.



The juices received at the fermentation vats, are processed from 72 to 96 hours with the yeasts specially developed for the profile of "Tequila Galindo".


The precise cut of heads and tails in the process, allows us to use the "heart" of the distillation in an optimal form, this will result in: "Tequila Galindo", an aromatic, of excellent body, character, smoothness and very pleasant to palate tequila.



"Tequila Galindo" rests and ages in white oak casks, which are zealously cared for, keeping controlled temperature and humidity at the ageing area, always respecting the optimal times for the right fusion of product and time, which will be reflected in "Tequila Galindo"'s final characteristics of flavor, bouquet, color, body and ripeness, giving in consequence a product of great nobility to the senses.


Once time and cask have given "Tequila Galindo its own personality, the product is bottled in an area specially designated for this purpose, placing special care in cleanliness and quality control of all the elements that conforms to its



Each shipment will include a quality certificate endorsed by Consejo Regulador del Tequila [CRT] (Tequila Regulating Council) who will verify that the product fulfills the exact specifications stated in the Norm. The factory fulfills all requirements and specifications required by the different Mexican Authorities for its operation.

"Tequila Galindo" exactly fulfills the requirements of Norma Oficial Mexicana (Mexican Official Norm) for the elaboration of its 100% agave tequilas. (NOM-006-SCFI-2005, spirits - tequila - specifications [for the elaboration of said spirit]), which are supervised by Consejo Regulador del Tequila [CRT] (Tequila Regulating Council).


- TEQUILA GALINDO, 100% DE TEQUILA GALINDO, 100% AGAVE, in its versions Silver, Aged and Extra Aged are bottled in a 750 milliliters customized decanter, which is packed in an individual box (shelf pack) that protects it and allows it a safe handling in the shelf.
- The collective packing contains 6 bottles for an easy handling and better storage.
- Wood pallets, covered with plastic film for protection of the collective packages.

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