Authenticity: ABK6 is a Single Estate Cognac. The whole process and origin of the
  blends are controlled by our Estate.
Uniqueness: A unique combination of a great Cognac with the most contemporary
Exclusivity: A product that stands out and is easy to remember.
ABK6 Cognac is an astonishing combination of traditional excellent Cognac and contemporary design.
ABK6 Aged 10 Years: a readable product well-positioned in pricing, filling the gap
  between the VSOP and XO.
ABK6 VS Premium: Elegant palate with good presence and exceptional length.
ABK6 VSOP Super Premium: Full structure and long finish. Gold Medal and ‘Best in Class’
  at the London Wine Fair 2008.
ABK6 XO Grand Cru: Dense and aromatic palate with considerable finesse.
The brand proposes a modern Cognac answer to a new generation of brown spirit consumers.
Excellent Quality: A recognized premium quality: ABK6 won over 20 medals in the past
  3 years.
Goal: Become one of the leaders on the Single Estate segment.
Exclusivity: A product that stands out in the crowd and differs from over exposed brands
ABK6 was born in February 2005 and is already present in 15 countries.
Francis Abécassis Vineyards consist of :
220 hectares of vineyards
5 wine production sites
4 distilleries
18 ageing cellars
1 automated bottling chain
Production equivalent to 750 000 bottles / year
Francis Abécassis has always been deeply attached to land in general and vineyards in particular. Over the last 10 years Francis massively invested in order to modernize this production tool, keeping an immense respect of a 200 year history of his estates.

The entire production process is carried out on the estate; grape growing, wine making, distillation, maturation, blending, bottling and labelling.

  Being a Single Estate Cognac, ABK6 can bring stability in taste and in pricing.
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Tristan Cotté
Export Manager

Tel :+33 679 312 767
Email: tristan@abk6-cognac.com
ebsite: www.abk6-cognac.com/index.php