ABK6 product range is comprised of 3 outstanding different blends of Cognac, which correspond to three long phases of maturation. ABK6 Cognac perfectly responds to the demand of a new generation of spirits consumers, seeking authenticity and fairness.

Average 8 years old

Color: gold with ambers highlights. The initial nose has aromas of apricots and fresh grapes, which then evolve towards light spice and fruit-filled pastry.

Great as a cocktail with orange juice or tonic water on ice.
Great as a refreshing drink on ice with sparkling water.

Naturally the VSOP will also mix well with tonic water

Average 8 years old

Color: old gold
The nose is complex with stewed fruit and woody notes, which are followed by brioche, vanilla, apple and cinnamon.

Also excellent if served straight on ice.

and an XO on ice is a moment of rare pleasure!

Average 8 years old

Color: deep old gold
The nose displays aromatic with dried fruit and nuts and the liquorish aromas, typical of well matured Cognac. Offers a considerable finess.

Savour it straight.

ABK6 is a Single Cognac Estate
with around 3 Million Bottles in Stock
Francis Abécassis has always been deeply attached to land in general and vineyards in particular. In addition to his position as the first French rice producer with 1500 ha in Camargue (Rhone Valley), he also owns 230 hectares of land classified within the Cognac appellation. Over the last 10 years Francis massively invested in order to modernize this production tool, keeping an immense respect of a 200 year history of his estates.

Francis Abécassis - Owner & President
The entire production process is carried out on the estate; grape growing, wine making, distillation, maturation, blending, bottling and labeling.
Extremely strict quality control is achieved due to the proximity of each phase on the site. Beyond the quality control and unlike most of Cognac brokers, which depend on the fluctuations of the spot market, being a single Cognac estate enables ABK6 to guarantee its partners stability in prices over a long period of time.

The cellar-master Simon Palmer, from New Zealand, made a fantastic career, which led him to manage the International Spirit University for more than 10 years. He decided to join ABK6 team because of the exceptional qualities of the terroir, the use of state-of-the-art technologies and commitment to excellence. Thanks to Simon's expertise, ABK6 is appreciated by the connoisseurs as well as the new comers to this category. He favoured smoothness above all without using artifices, which compromise the taste of a number of other products available on the market.


Numerous medals attest to ABK6 quality,
in particular the title
with a GOLD MEDAL won in July 2005 by ABK6 VSOP
at the IWSC competition in the UK.
The best companies were in competition as the results show on

was also awarded a
GOLD MEDAL at the 2005 Spirits Challenge in London.

won a
GOLD MEDAL in the Golden Alambic competition
in Caracas in December 2004


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