Ron Barceló Rum, from the Dominican Republic,
is looking for highly motivated distributors
to join their successful overseas expansion process
in the following territories:

Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Germany,
France, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, United Kingdom, Sweden,
Switzerland, and Australia, as well as other countries in Africa and Asia.

Over the last decade Ron Barceló Rum, made in the Dominican Republic, has been successfully marketed in more than 20 countries around the world, including such important places as Spain, where our company is now selling over 375,000 cases per year, from a mere 7,000 cases in 1994.

Our experience over the years tells us that by combining a high quality product with sufficient marketing and advertising backbone, along with the added presence of a highly efficient local partner in markets worldwide, we have come up with a hugely successful cocktail … No wonder the experts say

75 years of excellence
Our history begins in 1929 with a young entrepreneur’s dream. It didn't take long for the Barceló brand to become a standout among local rums, and its growth created one of the largest and most prestigious Dominican enterprises. Ron Barceló destiny, however, was to leap over the boundaries set by both the Caribbean and the Americas. An internationalization process begun in 1994 providing excellent results.

By the year 2000 Barceló Internacional (BAINSA) was born as a byproduct of joint forces between the family owners and a group of Spanish investors, owners of the Marqués de Vargas brand and the MG distillers, responsible for the very successful introduction of Ron Barceló in Spain in 1994. Thanks to this alliance, BAINSA is now the exclusive worldwide trader and commercial agent for Ron Barceló, with the exception of the Dominican Republic.

In several European and American countries, Barceló took it upon itself the task to modify a widespread consumer habit: practically nothing but “white” rum was being chosen as the top drink. Focusing on that premise as our prime advertising strategy, Barceló developed the slogan “That dark object of desire” and set out to invite people to enjoy aged rum, with its amber-looking hues, some golden, some reddish, as well as the aromas and flavors that place these rums among the most sophisticated beverages in the world. Top that off with the long and careful aging processes conducted by Barceló in oak barrels – with blends designed by master experts, definitely, a exceptional product has to be the end result.

All this process is taking place in exceptional surroundings. The Dominican Republic’s perfect weather conditions are a godsend for rum production in terms of temperature, humidity and evaporation rate. Even the legal framework is friendly. It not only requires a minimum of twelve-month aging period for all rums, but it also truly vouches for a serious respect for the natural aging process.

Ron Barceló’s, the five indicators of quality:

  • Only the finest sugar cane produced in the Dominican Republic is used.
  • All of our rums age in oak barrels from Kentucky that have been used to age Bourbon Whisky.
  • Constant research efforts by our Master Blenders lead us to the best possible blends.
  • Achieving a perfect combination of body character, great performance and exquisite bouquet.
  • Using the industry’s leading distilling technology with the age-old artisan knowledge of our local experts, heirs to a long tradition of excellence in rum production.

Ron Barceló IMPERIAL:

Aged ten years, it was selected as “The Best Rum in the World” by the Beverage Institute of Chicago in both 2000 and 2001. It reached the highest qualification (97/100) never before awarded to a rum by the Institute, after calling it “a superb world-class drink”.



Ron Barceló GRAN AÑEJO:

Amber colored, with golden hues and aromas of citrus and peach and woods, it is the product of a careful blend of rums naturally aged for over four years in American oak barrels.

Ron Barceló AÑEJO:

This is a “Superior Blend” from a select group of premium rums aged naturally for up to four years in American oak barrels. Its smooth golden tones and soft aroma can be enjoyed straight or wisely mixed.


Ron Barceló Dorado:

Smooth and ready-to-mix, this rum shows an enticing golden hue. It is aged naturally in oak barrels for at least 18 months. Mostly mixed to obtain the cocktails of your choice.


Ron Barceló Blanco:

Light and crystal-clear, this rum is aged for a year in oak barrels. Its character represents the product that most directly takes us back to the sugar cane fields of the Caribbean. A fantastic addition to any cocktail.

At Ron Barceló, we believe that


Fantino Falco #24, esq. Av. Tiradentes,
Edf. J. Baez, Piso 3.
Ens. Naco, Apdo. Postal 3298
Santo Domingo, Rep. Dominicana

Tel: (809) 562 2555
Fax: (809) 562 2020

Mr. Andrés E. Olavarría (Regional Manager)


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