A Contemporary Iconic Tequila

The Scorpion range is contemporary tequila that is aimed at a younger market than traditional tequila brands.

Scorpion is a premium Mexican tequila and CRT approved and NOM registered brand.

Marketing Director of Hayman Distillers James Hayman, explains "There is a growing interest amongst bartenders in tequila as a cocktail mixer and long drink and we felt we needed to contemporise our offering in order to realise the potential of this category."

We are delighted with the response from our existing customers and consumer research and are keen to expand our relationships with partners all over the world in particular Asia Pacific where we have just opened an office.

Hayman Distillers, a UK family company and distillers since 1820 are looking for new international partners to expand their distribution network.


The Range


Hayman Distillers have recently re-launched the Scorpion range of tequilas which includes:

  • Anejo
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Blended with Citrus
  • Blended with Cherry

Why Flavoured Tequilas ?

Scorpion's strategy is to extend the appeal of tequila, a versatile spirit, beyond the target market through the development of preferred flavours.

We have done considerable research on the flavoured tequilas. The newly launched flavours are made from only natural flavourings and sugars and are designed to be fun and innovative.


Scorpion Flavoured Citrus

Scorpion Flavoured Citrus is a blend of natural orange and subtle lemon aromas and flavours adding a zesty and citrus twist to the traditional tequila cocktails.

"A Blue Scorpion Margarita is like a Margarita but citrus Scorpion adds not only a more elegant citrus taste to the drink but a beautiful blue colour that looks vibrant and fun. "
Oscars Bar, London


Scorpion Flavoured Cherry

  This unique blend adds a new and exciting spin of fresh and natural tangy cherry notes to the distinctively smooth tequila character.

"Scorpion tequilas blended with flavours is an exciting addition to any cocktail makers list - Truly the next step in the evolution of the Margarita"
London mixologist, December 2005.


Scorpion Serving Suggestions

  • As a shot
  • On the rocks
  • Long drink
  • Tequila based cocktails

Scorpion Facts

  • SKU - 70cl, 50cl, 5cl
  • Alc/Vol - 38% or 40%
  • Pack size - cases x 6 or 12
  • Spirit Source - Mexico
  • CRT and NOM Approved

The 'Scorpion' brand is a registered trademark and owned by Hayman Distillers


Who are Hayman Distillers ?


The original company of Hayman Distillers was founded in 1820 by James Burrough, the great Grandfather of the current Chairman, Christopher Hayman.

James Burrough created the world renowned Beefeater Gin. Although Beefeater Gin and James Burrough Limited, were sold to Whitbread in 1987, the Hayman family retained part of the business and continued the tradition of distilling and blending spirits.

Today we offer a wide range of spirits from our innovative premium range including:

  • Hayman's 1820 Gin Liqueur
  • Kerenski Chocolate Vodka
  • Full range of House and Speciality brands.

We have offices in London, Hong Kong and Greater London where our customer services and production departments are located as well as our bonded warehouse.



Currently Seeking Distributors Worldwide

Please come and visit our stand at Vinexpo Asia Pacific 23-25 May 2006

For more information, please contact:
James Hayman - Director of Sales and Marketing
Tel: +44 20 7922 1615

Miranda Hayman - Director of Sales and Marketing Asia Pacific

Website: www.hayman-distillers.co.uk

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