Nalevka is traditional Polish liquor. Its history is as long as the history of vodka. For centuries, Nalevka has been a favorite among gourmets and connoisseurs of refined vodkas. Nalevkas possesses a unique taste and unusual aroma resulting from its fruit base combined with a mixture of other high quality products.

Nalevka liquor has been a passion of the Kozuba family for many generations. The recipes for this noble, vintage liquor have been handed down from the fathers to the sons.



Semi-sweet Dried fruit and nuts Nalevka is made from top-quality dried fruit, such as raisins, figs, apricots and dates. Amber in color and possessing a wonderful vanilla scent, Dried fruit and nuts Nalevka has the silky consistency of liquid honey and is a perfect complement to coffee and desserts.  
Sweet-Sea Buckthorn Nalevka is made from high quality sea buckthorn fruit. It has a fresh, citrus scent with surprising dashes of the aroma of fresh grass, coniferous bushes and bitter chocolate. Its chief assets are its golden color and decisive taste---a combination of lime with a ripe pear and a juicy peach.  
Semi-sweet Cranberry Nalevka is made from high-quality cranberries. It is unique with its enchanting, natural, intense color and its refreshing aroma. Slightly chilled, Cranberry Nalevka will be a perfect complement to hors d’oeuvres. Perfect with poultry, game pâté and cheeses.
Tasting :
  To fully experience the taste of Nalevka one should keep it on the tongue and spread it around the palate. By doing this, the taster will be able to experience the variety of hidden tastes --- such as the taste of a dash of herbs or its fruit essence --- as well as to enjoy its delicate consistency firsthand. Tasting Nalevkas follows the same rules as good wine tasting.This guarantees truly satisfying impressions and allows for the full appreciation of the taste, scent and visual values.
NALEVKA PROCESS :   production
Nalevkas are prepared using only natural, carefully chosen ingredients, including selected high-quality fruit. The unique flavor of Z.KOZUBA i SYNOWIE Nalevkas are partly the result of the crystal clear well water, which is used. This wonderful water is drawn from the intake right on the factory premises.
production   Z.KOZUBA i SYNOWIE Nalevkas are made according to treasured Kozuba family recipes. In all stages of production, traditional hand-made methods of making the liquor are practiced. There is quality control every step of the way during the maturing process, which takes at least a year.
Since the Nalevkas are the Kozuba Family passion, the production is never rushed. The end result must always be the highest-quality liquor in every bottle before leaving the Jablonka factory.   bottlelab

Z.KOZUBA i SYNOWIE Nalevkas are made in the one of the most beautiful and cleanest regions of Poland, in the small village of Jablonka which is in the heart of Warminsko-Mazurskie province. The Nalevka factory is surrounded by the ancient pine Napiwocko-Ramucki wild forest. Crystal-clear water and beautiful fruit ripening in the Mazurian sun contribute to the flavor of Nalevkas produced there.


All of Z.KOZUBA i SYNOWIE Nalevkas are available in Art Deco-styled masterfully designed, crystal carafes. The carafes are made in Czech glasswork Bohemia famous for years for its high quality products and world-famous reputation.

The beautiful line of carafes corresponds perfectly with its content - it is a perfect combination of tradition and modernity, simplicity and sophistication, taste and unpretentiousness.

Our Nalevkas are also available in standard premium glass bottle

During the early years of the First Republic of Poland times, the poor used to drink pure vodka called “aqua-vitae”. In the homes of the more wealthy, Nalevkas were made from this type of vodka. Many bourgeois, gentrified and aristocratic homes owned their own cherished recipes for the best cherry, blackthorn, dogberry, rowanberry, plum, apricot, nut and absinthe vodkas. Many Nalevkas were made from honey (or honeycomb) with the addition of herbs and various fresh and dry fruit. These nalevkas were called the Lithuanian meads. The Nalevkas contained from 30 to 75 per cent pure alcohol. The time from adding ‘aqua-vitae” to fruit and bunging the barrel could fluctuate from three months up to three years. The barrels were kept in the cellars, away from the sun, or buried in the ground. The Nalevkas were prepared with care and pride, similar to how the French prepare their cognac and the Scottish their whisky. They were blended according to recipes known only to insiders. After bottling, it would be at least a half-year before the first tasting.
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