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Pisco Logia Pisco is an unaged Peruvian brandy crafted by taste and tradition by our master distiller, Nati Gordillo. We focus on meticulous viticulture, extracting the prime qualities of our land, making Pisco Logia a terroir-driven spirit. Because our artisanal pisco is made purely from estate-grown grapes, We proudly offer Pisco Logia from our place to yours.

One of Pisco Logia richest cultural traditions, pisco is a grape distillate that dates back to over four centuries. Drawing its name from a Quechua word meaning little bird, pisco is also an important port town on Peru s coast. It is here where the clear spirit became wildly popular with sailors.

Pisco is rapidly becoming a popular base spirit for bartenders and home cocktaileans alike.
Products:Spirits: Brandy, Peruvian Pisco
Product Origins:Peru
Main Brands: PiscoLog?a Acholado, PiscoLog?a Quebranta
We have distribution in 12 states in the U.S. and internationally we distribute in Hong Kong and Japan.
Seeking: We are looking to expand distribution to Europe and Asia.
Annual Sales:Less than $1 million
# of Employees:5 to 9