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Founded in: 2012
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Mendeleev Vodka is produced to the exact standards of Dmitri Mendeleev labored discovery for the perfect vodka formula. Each bottle maintains the mixture of water to alcohol at Mendeleev precise measurement rendering a taste that withstands the passage of generations. Distilled 8 times for the essence of vodka purity, Mendeleev Vodka uses the purest snow melted water of the Carpathian Mountains blended with the world's finest Ukrainian grain. Smooth and elegant, Mendeleev boasts the most classical ultra premium vodka, offering connoisseurs a true vodka experience. Mendeleev Vodka is named for Dmitri Mendeleev The Father of Russian Vodka. Mendeleev is better known as the creator of the first version of the periodic table. But more importantly, he was named to the bureau of weights and measures & implemented a set of standards for Russian vodkas. Dmitri Mendeleev found the perfect percentage of alcohol to water in 1894.