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China Guangzhou Hushan Wine Industry Co.Ltd
Founded in: 2005
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Located in the Hushan Orchard, China Guangzhou Hushan Wine Industry Co. Ltd followed the traditional formula and brewing techniques of YIN YANG YUAN and produced a series of health preservation wines. They had three distinctive features: 1. produced with the pollution-free natural cereal, spring water of highland and pure natural loquat fruits and herbs 2. unique flavor, mellow and full-bodied taste, elegant and harmonious style and long aftertaste 3. conspicuous health preservation effects: lung heat clearing, phlegm dissolving and cough stopping; liver protection and kidney strengthening, qi and blood nourishing, countenance preserving and anti-aging etc. There are mainly three kinds of wine: A Beauty Brewed Golden Loquat Wine, HEI JIN GANG Wine and HE XIE Wine. Wed like to expand our market to North America and Europe. Whoever interested can contact us.
Products:Wine: Fruit Wine:A Beauty Brewed Golden Loquat Wine Herbs Wine: HEI JIN GANG Wine HE XIE Wine
Product Origins:China
Main Brands: YIN YANG YUAN
For the time being, we distribute our wines mainly in Guangzhou City. We want to open the overseas market especially in North America and Europe.
Seeking: We are looking for importers, professional buyers, distributors and agents who are interested in our line of productions.