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Viniterra is a Winery thought for human scale dimensions, which means that it is absolutely controlled by man in all its processes because of its volumes and capacity. Viniterra´s goal is to keep being a Winery dedicated to the elaboration of fine wines with a strong orientation towards exports, but still maintaining an important presence in the domestic market. The Winery’s capacity is 3,340.000 liters in epoxy covered cement tanks. The facilities also include stainless steel tanks, two of 30,000 liters, four of 10,000 liters, and one of 7,500 liters. This one is basically used as a fractioning tank. There are 430 oak barrels with a capacity of 225 liters each. The Winery also has two French oak casks of 5,000 liters each that are used for fermentation.
Targeting: Canada, United Kingdom