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Flagstone Winery
Founded in: 1999
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Mapped in the strata of our ancient soil is the memory of millions of years of life. This energy, this spirit of place, is transported into the grapes by the vine. We harvest these handfuls of time, these bunches of grapes with complete respect. Each berry is a spiritual snapshot of swirling climate, a sweet memory of the sun, a spinning impression of earth, a quenching recall of moisture, a reminiscence of breathing, a reminder of cycles. Through the miracles of natural, soft and sympathetic fermentation we channel nature's spontaneous narrative into wine. We can drink in the wonder of it and share out the majesty of it all. We want to learn to accept the sadness of it and revel in the mystery of it. And perhaps through making wine this way we can begin to understand something of our relationship to the confusing, tumultuous craziness of it all. This is what we do and why we do it.