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  • The House of Vintage Cognacs "Tavria" is one of the largest wine-growng and wine-making enterprises in Ukraine, with more than a century-long history. Georaphically, The House of Vintage Cognacs "Tavria" is located in the town of Nova Kakhovka, on the 46th parallel, on the same parallel with the world-renowned city of Cognac (France), home of of the similarly-named noble drink. The climatic zone where Tavria vineyards grow is recognized by the leading native and foreign specialists as one of the most environmentally pristine areas in Ukraine.

    The company takes a leading place among prodicers of prestigious collection of wines and vintage cognacs in Ukraine. Our own raw material base comprises 1300 hectars of vineyards. Aging cellars contain over 6500 oak barrels. Over the decades, products of Tavria has won numerous awards at local abd international tasting competitions. Currently Tavria holds 235 awards, among which 101 Gold, 92 Silver, 42 Bronze, 44 special awards.

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  • Authentic Mead - Seeking Distributors worlwide

    We are the first and only CRAFT company in The Baltic States that produces alcoholic drinks according to authentic Mead manufacturing techniques: Lithuanian Mead production method, created in our factory, formulation and technology were patented in Great Britain by the Queen Elizabeth the Second.

    Our products have the Certificate of LITHUANIAN HERITAGE. In 2013, Mead was granted an EU Protected Geographical Indication Authentic recipes, natural ingredients, history and alcoholic beverage crafting traditions - this makes our products exclusive and attractive to the consumers who want high quality , good outlook and better flavour products.

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  • SeRum - Elixir de Ron seeking distributors

    Our SeRum will not help with wrinkles, but it helps with fun !
    SeRum, this delicious elixir, is thoroughly mixed from the genuine Panamanian rum which was matured in barrels for three to eight years. It is soft, smooth and round. It is perfect for any occasion, but sometimes, no special occasion is needed.

    SeRum has gold amber colour, on the nose you can recognize peaches, almonds and cinnamon. Not only women will appreciate its velvety sweet taste which reminiscences of vanilla and almond cookies.

    SeRum is a great drink just to relax, sip and enjoy the full taste of this rum elixir.

    The story of SeRum is dated back to the end of the 19th century while during the building of Panama Canal a lot of workers were getting sick and losing their lives. That is when Cuban women got an idea to add dried fruit and spices to Panamanian rums and cure men with this miraculous alcohol, which they then named SeRum.

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    MY OWN PRODUCTION BEER it's a patented kit, for making 5 liters ou +/- 1 gallon of home beer.
    We can customize the product according your market needs.
    We are looking for distributors around the world. PLEASE CONTACT US.

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  • Absinthe Producers Seeking Distributors Worldwide

    Artemisia Collection offers the unique original new contemporary Absinthe recipes which are most delicious Elixirs of the World Absinthe revival.

    We produce three unique different liqueurs, all of which are of very high quality. We have a traditional Bohemian Absinthe, called Artemisia Absinthe, which we sell in a transparent bottle in order to evidence its lovely green colour. We also make a Coffee Absinthe and a Spicy Chocolate Absinthe.

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  • Our noble Cachaca Poderosa, rested for three months in Jequitiba barrels before laying six months in Amburana Wood Barrels which give tastes like cinnamon, apple and other flavors.
    Our products are made with the finest and pure Sugar Cane. We only use fresh juice from the Sugar Cane to provide an exclusive and amazing taste of the true artisanal Brazilian Rum, without any chemicals, creating gluten free products with excellent flavors.

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  • Prestigious Boutique Winery from Argentina Seeking Distributors Worldwide

    Familia Blanco has more than 30 years growing top quality grapes and looking for the perfect terroir expression. The winery and vineyards of Familia Blanco are located in a still-unknown and unique terroir, which combines the best conditions of Uco Valley and Lujajn de Cuyo: Ugarteche. The family uses sustainable growing practices to produced limited amounts of terroir driven wines. The vines range up to 50 years of age. The state of the art technology and traditional techniques are used in the wine making process, following always the philosophy of the artisanal production. The wines are sold in the strictest markets around the world and have reached top international quality recognition.
    The viticulturist Gabriel Blanco was pioneer in Argentina in growing grapes in the region of Ugarteche and it is the best boutique producer of Bonarda from the country. Familia Blanco has become synonymous with outstanding top quality wines.
    We are looking for increasing our distribution.

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  • Seeking International Distribution - Vodka, Rum, Gin, Bourbon, Whisky, Wine, and Ready-To-Drink

    A TASTE OF AMERICA! Premium Quality, Exceptional Style.

    Southern Champion/BuzzBallz LLC from Dallas, Texas is seeking international distribution for their portfolio of premium spirits: Vodka, Rum, Gin, Bourbon, Whisky, Wine, and Ready-To-Drink cocktails.

    Please see our websites www.buzzballz.com and www.southern-champion.com. Email kick@buzzballz.com if you are a distributor or own major stores.

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  • World Beverage Competition Geneve, Switzerland

    Just a reminder that November 15, 2016 is the final entry date for the World Beverage Competition (WBC)for the 2017 Competitions. Samples are due in by December 15, 2017. Last year entries exceeded 10,000 brands, this year is expected to be much the same.

    The combination of all the World Beverage competitions; the World Spirits Competition (SpiritsCompetition.com), World Beer Competition (BeerCompetition.com), World Wines Competition (WinesCompetition.com) and World Beverage Competition (BeverageCompetition.com) will be judged and awarded simultaneously with announcements to the press on January 1, 2017.

    The World Beverage Competition familiar judging regimen and global brand participation and media exposure assures a competition worthy of your participation! Get your entry registered to avoid missing this deadline!

    For more information on the WBC, email us or visit our website.

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  • Close out Tanteo Tropical and Tanteo Cocoa Tequila

    Discontinuing the sale of award winning Tanteo Tropical and Tanteo Cocoa Tequilas to focus on our category leading Tanteo Jalapeno Tequila in the US. Our loss is a distributor/ importers opportunity. Closeout Ex works Pricing of $10.00 a bottle (FOB New Jersey) when purchased by the pallet (88 6 pack cases). Will negotiate price on larger sales.

    Total Tropical Bottles: 9,000
    Total Cocoa Bottles: 14.000

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"Following the first IBN presentation of our Cognac to distributors worldwide, over 200 importers contacted us within a week. As a result, we have quickly expanded our market around the world. Thank you IBN, this program is unique and unbelievably powerful. "
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