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  • We export the best Rum available on the planet made in Venezuela, Santa Teresa. We have many levels of quality but they all come from the same house which was establish in 1796.

    From the Wine Enthusiast - 96-100 points

    The first couple of whiffs pick up toasty notes of caramel, almond butter, cotton candy and very old oak; with aeration, more profound aromas develop including saddle leather, vanilla, Sherry and dark caramel. Palate entry is perfectly balanced and sweet; by mid-palate the flavor profile is honeyed, slightly cocoa-like, buttery to the feel and utterly decadent. Finishes long, layered, creamy and dark chocolate bittersweet.

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  • KIMERUD Distilled Gin


    KIMERUD Distilled Gin is a Norwegian Premium Gin produced on Kimerud farm (1785).

    This is a complex handcrafted gin containing no less than 22 Herbs. Some of the Herbs are known to have been used in the Viking era, and help give the gin its distinctive flavor.

    Recipient of the highest award from the world`s most renowned Chefs and Sommeliers (ITQI 2015).

    Alc. 47% vol

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  • Ultrapremium Awarded Vodka - Atypical Single Malt - Premium Gin - Seeking Distibutors

    Distal/Cosmik SPRL is a young Belgian company. We have an interesting range of products which includes an ultra-premium vodka, an atypical single malt whisky and a premium gin.
    All our products were created by the Belgian creator T. Van Renterghem, and are produced in collaboration with a French distillery.

    Cosmik Vodka: this vodka is made of Beauce wheet, is distilled 6 times and filtered 10 times. Smooth taste, perfect to drink pure. Rewarded 3 times at the World Spirit Competition and on Tastings.com..

    August 17th Whisky: this atypical single malt whisky rested in very old oak casks, which had contained Porto and Cognac. Smooth smoked taste. The bottle is decorated with a tin label, and each one has a different serial number (8000 bottles/yr). Bottled by hand.

    GemBlue Gin: this premium gin is distilled with juniper berry, lime peel and cucumber. Sweet taste, can be drunk pure as well as mixed. GemBlue is contained in a classy bottle, which is decorated with a huge tin label.

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  • New Promotional Game for Beer & Bars

    Ouzo improves the popular bar game of liar's poker played with the serial number of a dollar bill by using a roll of 3,000 tickets with sets of eight computer-generated random numbers printed in rank order and pulled from a plastic dispenser.

    The advantages of Ouzo are having true random numbers not found on a dollar bill, having duplicate numbers grouped together in rank order for player convenience, and not having to continually bother the bartender for fresh dollar bills to play with.

    On both sides of the dispenser and on the back of each ticket is advertising that will provide effective and low-cost promotion of your beer to increase brand awareness and distribution.

    But Ouzo is more than just a brand advertising vehicle, it's a partnership to help increase the bar's overall business. A micro-test in six bars of your choice will prove Ouzo's promotional value.

    A description of liar's poker can be found at:

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    Seeking U.S. distributors for our ultra-premium brand of liqueurs produced in New Zealand by Villa Italia, Ltd., and bottled under the Sovrano brand.

    Sovrano Limoncello and Sovrano Cream Limoncello are the #1-rated Limoncello in the world (Proof66), as well as the recipient of 19 gold medals in international spirits competitions since 2010, including Platinum and 2 Gold Medals at the 2015 Beverage Tasting Institute.

    Based upon a 5th generation family recipe, Sovrano uses only locally grown, insecticide-free lemons and blends them with locally produced grain alcohol, distilled to a pure 96.4%. In their 2010 review, the Beverage Testing Institute declared Sovrano A fantastically vital, pure and delicious Limoncello and in 2011 by calling it A monumental Limoncello.

    Sovrano is the purest and most unique Limoncello ever made! Combine this with elegance, simplicity of pure flavor and depths of taste that lingers forever and you have an exceptional quality product beyond comparison.

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  • Ultra-Premium, Potato Gluten Free Kosher, Vodka Poland

    Looking to expand distribution of the successful Demidoff Ultra Premium Vodka, currently sold out in California.
    Multiple Gold Medals, the most recent San Francisco Spirits Competition, 93 points from Tasting Panel Magazine.
    Made in Poland, distilled four times, organic certified potatoes, gluten free, kosher! Comes in 1L and 750 ML
    Check it out here:

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  • FUSION ICE seeks international distributors for its BOMBshell range

    FUSION ICE South Africa is looking for international distributors for its BOMBshell range of drinks. Conveniently packaged in 45ml PET preforms they are the perfectly hygienic and compliment any party or event. The current range consists of 6 (six) flavours - Caramel, Chocolate, Coffee, Chocmint, Strawberries & Cream and Cookies & Cream with more flavours to follow. With prices based in ZAR they are incredibly economical and therefore a great substitute to the traditional shot glass serving technique. Events companies have found our BOMBshells to cut down on bar top clutter, time & theft whilst increasing consumer experience.
    FUSION ICE BOMBshells have experienced fantastic success in the local market and we are looking to repeat their success elsewhere.
    Please contact us directly for prices and MOQs.

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  • Seeking Distributors Around the World

    Cantina La Maranzana and Vino Indiana are proud to introduce Dolce Rosso - 100% Brachetto and Dolce Bianco - 100% Moscato to Distributors around the world. These wines are produced in Piemonte Italy from the finest Brachetto and Moscato grapes. Wines are imported and warehoused in the USA or containers can be ordered and shipped direct to distributors anywhere in the world.

    Currently these wines are sold in the States of Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky and Florida.
    The winery La Maranzana is a cooperative established by few agricultures living in Maranzana in 1960. At the present it has around 250 members, owner of about 450 hectares of vineyards.

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  • TOSCAR wines now available FOB New York, NY

    BODEGAS SALVADOR POVEDA is now available in the USA! and we are looking for DISTRIBUTORS in the USA.

    Our winery, founded in 1918, is the proud producer of successful global brands such as TOSCAR, TUMANS, CASTILLO SANTA POLA, VINA VERMETA, ROSELLA, AITANA, CANTALUZ, MOSCATEL POVEDA, and FONDILLON among others. The bodega and its wines have a great balance of tradition and modernity, producing a broad range of reds (Monastrell, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, and Tempranillo), whites (Macabeo, Moscatel, and even a rare Spanish Riesling) and rosados (Monastrell).

    Its location in a privileged area of the Mediterranean coast of Spain, in Monovar (Alicante), enjoys the great combination of sunshine and rich soils that are perfect for nurturing high quality flavored grapes.

    These wonderful wines are sold in significant quantities around the world in Spain, Belgium, China, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Sweden, Poland, and Vietnam.

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    Gold Cuvee for all your desires. A perfect grape for a perfect wine.
    Pinot Blanc (Gold Cuvee Original) and Pinot Noir (Gold Cuvee Rose) are mutations of the world famous Pinot Gris.
    The Pinot grape belongs to the family of Burgundy grapes. The flavors it produces are subtle and refined with plenty of fruitiness, making it an ideal base for sparkling wines. This includes Gold Cuvee, which is a dry, fresh and crisp sparkling wine, round textured with a long, satisfying finish.

    Look, listen, smell, taste: Let your senses be aroused by Gold Cuvee Original. Looking through the bottle, observe the thin crystal bubbles dancing with the gold flakes in a delicate yellow gold color. Smell the citric and peach notes of Gold Cuvee when poured into the wine glass. Once in the mouth, enjoy an elegant taste with fine, persistent bubbles, a clean dry entry and well-balanced palate, vinous and lingering. Try the fresh and wild aromas of the Gold Cuvee Rose.

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