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  • Kansas Craft Brewing Company Goes International!

    Tallgrass Brewing Company, located in Manhattan, Kansas, USA is launching efforts to take their world-class beers into markets abroad. Founded by CEO Jeff Gill in 2007, Tallgrass Brewing Company has experienced tremendous growth in the United States, and has already begun shipments to select markets around the world.

    As the largest brewery in the state of Kansas, Tallgrass' world-class beers and creative branding will stand out in any market in the world. Do not miss your opportunity to capitalize on our amazing craft beer and eye-catching brands! Find out more at www.tallgrassbeer.com.

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  • Moscato is a wine made from grapes of ancient origins, present in the Mediterranean areas already at the time of the ancient Romans, from which it was called Vitis Apiana as favorite grape of the bees due to the sweetness of its berries. The pleasant sweetness of the wine is well linked to the characteristics of the grape on the degree of ripeness reached by grapes. While the type of soil and exposure gives the wine aromatic expressions of taste and smell width. The color is straw-gold and amber, the scents are the primary ones of the original fruit that evoke sensations of honey, almond and apricot. Our sparkling Moscato gives bubbles with a nice effect that conquest and pleasantly envelops the palate. The freshness of our sparkling wine, the low alcohol contents (only 6%) makes it suitable for every dish and perfect for summer. Entering price for new markets will be a pleasant surprise. We accept also customers private labels (for that is required a MOQ of 8000 bottles)

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  • Panarea Italian botanical Gin and Italian spirits

    We are an Italian liquor company founded in 1832, the Inga family carry this business since decades.
    We are specialized in high quality varietal grappas, white and aged, and liquors such as limoncello, sambuca, amaretto, amaro, chocolate liqueur, all branded Inga and Lorenzo Inga.
    We have launched recently one of the first Italian premium botanical Gin branded "Panarea Island Gin", our family has Sicilian origins and Panarea is the pearl of the Aeolian Islands in Sicily and this great spirit contains all the best Mediterranean botanicals, a smooth and perfumed gin whose feedback is really huge after 2 months distribution.
    Currently seeking distributors in open markets, targeting especially Australia, Japan, South America, and some Asian open markets including India, Singapore, Thailand and Cambodia.

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  • Seeking Importers and Distributors

    Cognac Dobbe house produces oldest and rare Cognac exclusively from the family Reserve transmitted from eight generations.

    The company is the owner of a vineyard in the Petite Champagne Cognac area, a distillery and a large stock of prestigious Cognac. The house of DOBBE manages every stages of the cognac production process, from working the vines to marketing.

    The Cognac DOBBE range includes seven exceptional cognacs, distilled and aged in oak barrels on the family estate.

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  • Cognac Expanding World-Wide Distribution

    Trijol family came to settle in the heart of the Cognac region the very first time in 1859. Since then, 5 generations have ensured the slow but steady progress of the family. In 1954, Maxime Trijol became a broker in wines and Cognacs, before becoming a professional distiller in 1962.
    Today, Jean-Jacques Trijol run the company with his 2 daughters. They own over twenty-two 25 hectoliters Charente stills, and we are still an independent family business. But also one of the largest distilleries in Cognac.

    Our product range includes:
    Cognacs VS, VSOP and XO

    GRANDE CHAMPAGNE RANGE PREMIER CRU (100% 1er Cru Grande Champagne appellation)
    Elegance ,VSOP, XO, EXTRA & ANCESTRAL (A blend of very old Grande Champagne Cognac ONLY)

    Pineau des Charentes wines and the Liqueur d'Orange.

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  • Bulk & Private Label Spirits France

    Distillence is a family business, which has been built up by the development of innovative products. Distillence has teamed up with one of the oldest independent distillery in the Cognac Region, to provide you with the best spirits in the world.
    We are passionate about distilling. It derives everything we do. We are dedicated to quality and are determined to offer the best in innovative design at the most affordable price for our customers.
    Bulk Spirits
    We supply all type of spirits, raw, elaborated , ready to be bottled, in France, Europe, and Worldwide. All our products comply strictly with European and others applicable regulations and are GMO free. We can ship from 10 liters to a full cistern or ISO tank.
    Private labels:
    Distillence is also specialized in the production of wide range of private labels and third party brands. Dedicated marketing, R&D, quality and industrial development, resources are made available to our customers for new project development.

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  • Blended Scotch Whisky Seeking Distributors

    The Three Stills Company Ltd is looking for distribution partners in markets across the world for our Clan Fraser Blended Scotch Whisky.

    Clan Fraser has been launched in 10 markets already and is rotating very well.
    We have had repeat orders from all markets.

    We are in the process of building a brand new single malt whisky distillery in the Borders of Scotland which will also produce some premium white spirits that we will take to market next year.

    Please contact us if you are interested in distributing Clan Fraser and we will respond within 24 hours.
    The Three Stills Company Ltd

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  • Mehr Wines - Fine Wines Wholesale & Distribution

    We are an independent wine import and wholesaler registered and licensed in the New York State.
    At Mehr we deliver the best quality from "Family Owned" wineries.

    From the unmistakably beautiful shores of Puglia to the great Finger Lakes in upstate New York, we are confident that our wines are amongst the best rated, best priced and highest quality in the world.

    Please contact us to find out about our latest offers.

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  • Looking for distributors for hotselling products

    Mayerwine.com is your expert for high-quality wines and spirits (from all over the world) packed in very special gift-sets for events, christmas or different occasions.

    Our assortment is full of gift-items which match perfectly for your customers. These items are hot selling. In our homemarket we work together with the biggest supermarket-chains and all Cash'n'Carry companies.

    We are looking for distributors and importers in the USA, Canada, Europe, China, Hongkong, Singapore, Japan, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia. This is your chance to increase your traditional assortment with hot-selling new gift-items. Please contact us for our prices or to see our portfolio.

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  • Looking for Heineken, Kronenbourg, Hoegaarden, Chimay, Vedett

    1. Hoegaarden, 330ml, 10 loads per month
    2. Heineken, 250ml, twist, pilsener, 10 loads per month
    3. Vedett extra white, 330ml, 3 loads per month
    4. Chimay Tripel, 250ml, 1 load per month
    5. Chimay Blue, 250ml, 1 load per month
    6. Chimay Red, 250ml, 1 load per month
    7. Kronenbourg 1664 250ml, bottles, 10 loads per month
    8. Kronenbourg 1664 330ml, bottles, 10 loads per month
    9. Duvel, 330ml, 1 load per month

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Cognac ABK6
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