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  • Distributors Wanted for Vodka Energy Drinks

    Vodka Energy is a unique patented premixed Vodka, guarana, gensing drink that glows naturally under UV light. Great for clubs and bars seeking an exotic, upmarket profile. Worldwide delivery from 100% Australian Product.
    Distributors invited for exclusive area licences. Manufacturer will partner financially in local upmarket venue promotional budget.
    Competitive pricing. HAACP, ISO accreditations held. MOQ 1 20" container.

    Brand Manager Stephen Hosking

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  • Seeking Wine, Spirits and Beer Exporters/Producers looking to break through the clutter in the USA


    It has been 6 months since the Daniel Armyn, CEO of NewBreed aligned with Michael Dennehy of Catch 21
    And John Henry Owner of El Buho. Together we truly form the NEW BREED of marketing muscle.
    Deep bottom-up insights and years experience is what informs how we’re building brands.
    We offer a holistic POV when it comes to building brands, strategies on the entire path to market vs.
    Dropping cases all over the country and hoping for consumer connect.


    We offer Importation, Compliance, Marketing, Sales, Distribution Sourcing & Branding.
    Whether through Intensive 1 to 2 day workshops or over years, we are ready to help build your brand!

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    Close-Out Surplus Stock No Longer Required
    700 liters of Cointreau 60% volume (not the usual 40%)
    Commonly used in food processing
    28.00 pounds per Liter or nearest offer
    5 Liters per Bottle
    4 x bottles per Box
    MOQ 60 Liters
    Further discount on full pallet (108 bottles / 540 Liters).

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  • Flask Whisky 200ml, 750ml & 1.75L

    Introducing the FIRST and ONLY Whisky sold ready to drink from a traditional stainless steel flask! This is a 4 year old blended Canadian Whisky. We have 200ml, 750ml and 1.75L sizes. This presentation is wrapped in leather! We bottle this in Mexico and can export world-wide. Currently we export to 20 countries with our other products.
    Please contact us.

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  • Premium Blended Scotch Whisky

    House of Peers range of premium scotch whisky is now available in the USA with NO MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY
    We offer a range of 7 premium blended whiskies including ages 3, 5, 8, 12, 17, 21 and 25 year old blends.
    Due to the expansion of the brand we can now offer North American distributors and wholesalers the full range of House of Peers premium scotch with just a single case order per expression.
    This is a great opportunity for distributors to try this exquisite whisky with a 100 year heritage, without large order quantities that are usual attached to trade clients.
    Please reply to bward@wardconnelly.com or via our IBN profile.

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  • Choose your product
    Choose from range of spirits: Vodka, Rum, Whisky, Gin, Brandy, Liquor, Distilled Agave, Coffee Liquor, Peppermint etc. Develop you own from scratch
    Biological production (SKAL) possible, Kosher production possible
    Choose your bottle
    Glass bottles in 750 ml, 1000 ml, 1500 ml 1,750 ml
    PET bottles in smaller sizes

    Design your brand
    In house graphic designer to help create a successful design for your product
    Creative packaging design
    Customized labeling (dry, wet adhesive, wrap around labeling)
    Customised cork, screwcap, sleeves
    Choose logistic solution
    Bulk liquor storage
    Storage of bottled products
    Delivery worldwide
    High quality service SSCC-label system
    Interested in finding out more? To find out more about how LicorZone SA de CV in Arandas Mexico can help you develop your new private label, contact us

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  • Paradise Moonshine Craft Whiskey now available!

    We at Gulfstream Spirits are a producer of craft whiskey. Specifically, an un-aged whiskey or "moonshine". Our brand, Paradise Moonshine, currently has three flavors, Lemon, Mango, and Peach and is currently available in Florida, New York, New Jersey, and soon, California. Our product is a corn-based whiskey and is exceptionally smooth, without the typical burn that are associated with most 80 proof spirits.
    We are seeking import and distribution partners across all global regions but with an initial focus on the following regions; Asia, Mexico, the Caribbean, and EMEA. However, we are open to discussions with potential partners from all global regions.
    We can be found online at www.paradisemoonshine.com on Instagram at www.instagram.com/paradisemoonshine and at Facebook at facebook.com/paradisemoonshine
    We look forward to sharing our delicious products with you and your customers!

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  • 13 years in business, offering our experience and services

    WEE WEE Come in!
    WEE will make your own label for your Vodka, Whisky, Brandy and all other spirits available in our catalog.
    WEE also offers the best value wines you can find anywhere on the internet.

    In fact, one of our most popular services is providing you with your very own wine label.
    If your palate prefers the finest, THAT IS US, WEE WEE!

    Whether to accompany a simple country style lunch or an evening with an elegant meal of Haute cuisine, or maybe just a simple glass of your own choosing at the end of the day from the very best wineries of the world.

    WEE provides two important services to the wine drinking communities of the world.
    We shop the best wineries of the world for you, negotiate the best prices and assure you that we sell at exactly the same price as the winemaker sells directly.
    We help you with the process from A to Z so that you will have the best experience you have ever had as a Wine & spirits buyer.

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  • Columbus Wine and Spirits Partners with Troon Vineyard

    New York - Columbus Wine and Spirits expands its high-quality, sustainable-driven portfolio with the signing of an exclusive national sales agreement with Troon Vineyards from Applegate, OR, renowned producer of natural/foot trodden, enzyme free wines. Columbus Wine and Spirits will represent Troon throughout the U.S. apart from the Troon home market in the Northwest. Troon Vineyard is committed to sustainable agriculture and recognized as L.I.V.E. and Salmon Safe certified. Hand-harvested and foot trodden, Troon ferments with the naturally abundant yeasts native to the vineyards and lets malolactic fermentation take its natural course. No commercial acids or sugar are added to their wines and use of new oak barrels and sulfur is minimized. According to Craig Camp, General Manager at Trood, Columbus Wine and Spirits will help us grow the Troon brand in the U.S. market allowing us to focus on tending to our vineyards and producing wines of distinction.

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  • Private Labels & Product Development

    To be successful in the spirits industry, you need to be able to focus on many things at once. You must produce a quality product, convince bars, stores and restaurants to carry your brand, find ways to get noticed on the shelves and also make potential customers aware of your name. And the list goes on. It is a lot to think about. Let us help you.

    After launching 20 successful brands, we have streamlined the process into a three step plan. Connect with the right distillery. Distilling is truly an art form. And like any other art, a lot of people do it but only a few do it well.

    CRAFTED SPIRITS has close relationships with top distillers and bottlers all over the world. We'll help you find the right partner for your brand by evaluating a number of factors, including how much product you need to produce, what type of spirit you are making and what sort of flavor you want to achieve. We keep all new product concepts private and confidential.

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"Following the first IBN presentation of our Cognac to distributors worldwide, over 200 importers contacted us within a week. As a result, we have quickly expanded our market around the world. Thank you IBN, this program is unique and unbelievably powerful. "
Tristan Cotté - Marketing Director
Cognac ABK6
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