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    Janavaras Enterprises LLC (www.JanavarasEnterprises.com) is an importer of premium Greek wines based in Minnesota, USA. Our wines, with an excellent quality-to-price ratio, have been successfully distributed and well received in Minnesota over the last 5 years. Now we are seeking distributors in other states.

    If interested, we would be happy to send you our 2016 wine portfolio and distributor price list. If you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact us:
    Basil or Linda Janavaras
    27 Capri Drive
    Mankato, MN 56001
    Phone: 507-345-5824, cell 507-382-0304
    web site: http://www.JanavarasEnterprises.com

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  • ABK Bavarian Beer

    Direct from our 700 year old brewery in Germany - now available for distribution across Asia - our full range of multi award-winning German beers.

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  • MADD Virgin Drinks - Looking for Distributors

    MADD Virgin Drinks - Looking for Agents and Distributors

    As you would expect, MADD Virgin Drinks are Alcohol Free drinks manufactured under license to Mothers Against Drunk Driving in both the United States and Canada.

    The products were developed with 3 objectives:

    1. To provide the Retail community with a new, unique and high margin program in a rapidly growing segment. (15 - 30% year over year growth)

    2. To provide Consumers who choose not to consume Alcohol, for whatever reason, with a delicious and low calorie alternative...more interesting than water or soft drinks.

    3. To provide donations to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to support their ongoing efforts to eliminate impaired driving. (We donate 5% of Sales to MADD)

    We also believe you couldn’t find a better brand than MADD to market Alcohol Free drinks, the name enjoys 97% recognition in North America.

    Visit us at www.maddvirgindrinks.com to see our range of products and find out more.

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  • We are looking for dutch labeled Heineken beers long-termly.

    1. Heineken 24*25cl bottle 5% lager
    Minimum 10 loads monthly

    2. Heineken 24*33cl bottle 5% lager
    Minimun 10 loads monthly

    3. Heineken 24*33cl Can
    Minimum 10 loads monthly

    Price term: CIF,CNF(China),FOB

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    BLANC DE BLANCS Product of France EUR. 2,85 for 3000 bottles
    BLANC DE BLANCS Product of France EUR. 2,65 for 6000 bottles
    BLANC DE BLANCS Product of France EUR. 2,35 for 12000 bottles
    BLANC DE BLANCS Product of France EUR. 2.15 for 18000 bottles

    We create your wine from the juice to the label.
    Private label STARTING WITH 3000 BOTTLES.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information!
    Michael Bernard Haubrich
    CEL- 916 340 4076 (USA)
    BIZ- PHONE 1 772 - 617- 4102 ( USA)
    FL. ,USA
    skype: INTERNART22

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  • Block 88 Napa Blend Looking for International Distributor

    Our current release is 2013 block 88 a blend of Napa Valley Cabernet, Merlot, Petite Sirah, and Peitit Verdot.

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  • Seeking distribution for China, Japan, Canada and EU

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  • Seeking Wine distribution

    We are currently looking for direct distribution for our highly though after vineyard in Pomerol. Chateau Pomeaux's two hectares are located in a magnificent situation on the southeastern slope of the Pomerol plateau near the border of the communes of Pomerol and St. Emilion.

    Chateau Pomeaux's vines, which are 100% Merlot Noir, average approximately 38 years of age. The soil of Chateau Pomeaux's vineyards is a combination of gravel, clay, and ferruginous sand with iron-pan and clay in the subsoil. Chateau Pomeaux produces an extraordinarily rich and robust wine with delicate balance and an elegant and marvellous bouquet.

    Chateau Pomeaux's vineyards are located 1 mile away from Chateau Petrus, approximately one half mile from Chateau Le Pin and Vieux Chateau Certan, and approximately one quarter mile from Chateau Cheval Blanc and Chateau Figeac, which can be clearly seen from Chateau Pomeaux with our wine maker Michel Rollan

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  • Tequila Ambar Ultra-Premium offer.

    Tequila Ambar is a highly acclaimed Ultra-Premium quality tequila, developed in collaboration with Master Distiller Leopoldo Solis, under traditional methods of production.
    Ambar belongs to the "100% Agave" category, made only with minimum 7-year-old Agave plants from the highlands of Jalisco, for great quality and richer tasting notes.

    Tequila Ambar (38Alc.Vol. 70 CL) comes in four categories:
    Blanco: Not aged. @ 14.95 USD
    Reposado: Aged 6-7 months in American White-Oak casks, @ 19.95 USD
    Añejo: Aged 18 months in American White-Oak casks @ 27.95 USD
    Extra-Añejo: Aged 42 months in American White-Oak casks @ 55.90 USD

    Prices are FOB and stock is limited to 4650 units with immediate availability.

    For more information about our brand and further inquiries please send an email to info@ambartequila.com.
    For the upcoming November-December season, we are offering special prices for large orders, subject to stock availability. Demand in this season is high we advice prompt contact.

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  • 500 vodka is a New Craft liquor based out of Texas. 500 currently offers three unmatched quality products (ultra premium neutral, strawberry lime vodka and coconut pineapple vodka).

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