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Seeking : Wine 
New licensed distributor/wholesaler in Florida. We are looking for all types of wines from all over the world, including ice wines, wines from Romania, Tokay wines from Hungary, Nando fragolino and sparkling wines from Italy, and more... Please email offers.
Seeking : Beer From : Mexico
We currently are sourcing for our clients Mexican Beer. We require 8 containers of coronita 12 pack loose bottles 8 containers each month. Two containers of coronita 24 pack 6x4. also any other products that your organisation would like IntaFort to promote within the Australian market.
Seeking : Spirits 
Mexican Wholesaler and Distillery. We are looking for inexpensive Scottish Whiskey for the Mexican market. Please submit offers including pricing via IBN.

Seeking : Wine 
Importer/Distributor in MA USA.
We are looking for wines: All Varietals from all Regions... Domestic and Imported.
$36/case (12x750ml) and under.
We have a single large-volume retailer in MA looking for specials, closeouts etc... by the pallet per SKU. Must be warehoused in the US...preferably (but not restricted) to the East Coast.
Please respond via email only with:
1. Pricing
2. Terms
3. Warehouse Location
4. Quantities Available
Oxidized, reductive wines, etc need not apply.
Seeking : Spirits From : France
We are looking for 300 cases of French Cognac VS, XO or VSOP. Price between 5 - 15 euro per bottle.
Seeking : Wine 
Broker in Toronto Canada, seeking wines and spirits from around the world, with modern look design/package.
Contact us for more information.
Seeking : Wine From : Italy
Importer in Illinois USA, looking to work with Italian wineries that carry Barolo, Barberesco, Nebbiolo and other Piemonte wines.
Seeking : Wine From : United States
Distributor in Pennsylvania with statewide coverage is looking for a domestic Riesling with a sweeter profile in 750ml bottles. Screw top or cork.
FOB range $30-$48
Seeking : Spirits From : Switzerland
Importer located in Connecticut, USA.
We are seeking authentic Absinthe made in Val de Travers Switzerland. Please submit offers via IBN.
Seeking : Wine From : Germany, New Zealand, South Africa
Distributor in Newark, Delaware.
We are currently looking for wines from South Africa, Germany, New Zealand.
We like to bring the cases in on average of $60 a case. Please submit offers via email.
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"Following the first IBN presentation of our Cognac to distributors worldwide, over 200 importers contacted us within a week. As a result, we have quickly expanded our market around the world. Thank you IBN, this program is unique and unbelievably powerful. "
Tristan Cotté - Marketing Director
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